Sunday, August 31, 2008


In 36 hours, the gremlins go back to school and the gnome goes back to work (after a week of holidays).

I am trying to have faith...but the idea of them going and being all alone is so scary.

Keep repeating over and over again in my mind...get through today and worry about tomorrow when it comes...

Get through today and worry about tomorrow when it comes...

As always, to be continued.............

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well here I sit for the second night in a row unable to sleep....too much on my mind I guess.

This is a holiday weekend here in Canada....labour day weekend just like in the US.

The gremlins start school on Tuesday....we went to Grade 9 orientation yesterday for gremlin#2...I think the building shook with fear as we entered at the thought of having both gremlins there..lmao.

I am scared and very worried about him...but trying hard not to think about it...which is resulting in the lack of sleep.

Still trying to learn my way around the new computer...but loving it for sure. The last beastie had gotten so slow...I hadn't realized how bad it had gotten. We still hope to get a new hard drive in it so we can have a second computer for the gnome to use while I am working...but it will just depend on if it is "do-able".

I can't remember if I told y'all about our recent van mishap??? The day after the computer was fried...the gnome took the van in for an oil change. While they were doing this, they noticed there was something wrong with one of the front wheels and investigated a bit further. We were soooooooo happy when the mechanic called the gnome at work to tell him that the van was extremely unsafe to drive and that we were very lucky that we hadn't lost a wheel while driving down the highway.

They also told us that we could NOT drive it without getting it fixed...even one small pot hole could cause the wheel to go flying off.....we had to tell them to go ahead...but had NO idea where we were gonna find $900 to get it fixed..

What a stressful 24 hr period that was....computers blowing up...vans falling apart...and the biggest asshole boss threatening to fire me because I was unable to get online to work my shifts...

All I can say is UGHHHHHHHH .....I sooooooo hate that we still have to beg for help from our parents when we get into financial trouble like this...thank god they were able to save us once again.

Gotta loveeeeeeeee em ( when you don't wanna strangle

As always, to be continued.............

Friday, August 29, 2008


Guess what I have learned over the last 2 weeks???


Did y'all know that??? LOL

Almost 2 weeks ago, while I was working, we had a very nasty storm. In the 30 seconds or so that it was taking me to shut down the computer so I could unplug it, our house was hit with lightning. And before anyone asks, the computer WAS plugged into a power bar with a surge

Anyway, we had a huge bolt that actually made the floor shake and my computer made a loud POP...then died. It smelt like something had just been burnt so I knew I was in trouble.

When the storm passed, I decided to plug the computer back in and see if there was any signs of life...but my dear baby had moved on to computer heaven. The hard drive, monitor and modem from my server were ALL fried...

After stressing, fighting with my server (and quite often my gnome) was decided that neither the hard drive nor the modem could be saved. Thank god my Mom took pity on me yesterday and helped us purchase a new system...

My boss wasn't overly thrilled because it took me almost 2 weeks to get back online so I couldn't didn't seem to concern him that I wouldn't have even BEEN online if I hadn't been working and trying to complete the task that I was in the middle of..have I mentioned before what an ass he is??? LMAO.

Anyway, I am thrilled to be back online. I will be stopping in to catch up over the next few weeks...still trying to learn my way around this new system. The old machine had windows XP but this one has Vista. It doesn't seem to be too bad...but there are some settings with it that I am unfamiliar with (ie- I have my email account set up, but for some reason, it automatically deletes any email it thinks is doesn't put them in the spam/junk folder so I can check it before deleting it). If anyone knows how to fix this, please feel free to pass along this info here or to my email

I guess the lining in the cloud was that I survived the last 2 weeks without totally loosing it. It was stressful and very upsetting, but it once again showed me that at least the PPE meds (anti depressants) are working to some degree....if this had happened a few months ago, it would have sent me over the edge and further into the darkness..the darkness is still there threatening and lurking..but now I am getting better at turning on a flashlight and trying to trudge along....does that make any sense??? LOL

As always, back online and to be continued.......

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am sitting here growling and screaming at the TV tonight.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I have been watching a lot of the Olympic coverage this week. I am a HUGE fan of gymnastics and always enjoy cheering for the US women's team( I think I mentioned that too).

Anyway, I usually do like to give ev1 the benefit of the doubt and I don't like to believe that anyone cheats until it is proven (rumph rumph ummmmm sorry Ben Johnson and Marian Jones...but you SUCK!!!!)

I have watched these gymnastics over the last 4 or 5 days and have watched the US get HOSED on more than one occasion while the Chinese are handled medals they haven't deserved.

When I watched the Chinese fall off the beam and have MULTIPLE bobbles and mistakes but still get huge marks compared to an American that had ONE fall then a perfect routine...I am sure they heard me screaming all the way in China...but thought to myself, okkkkkkkk she did have a fall!!

I just finished watching more gymnastics and watched the SAME American get hosed by the very same Chinese gal...the American landed 2 vaults almost perfectly...the Chinese girl fell on her face..not a small hop, she was down on her hands and knees people and still got a medal over the American...

Guess it shows, some cheaters DO prosper eh??? I have sorta routed for the Chinese in the past...but sure as heck will NEVER do that again.....hoping that what goes around,will eventually come around!!!

Think I take these things too personally??? LOL

As always, to be continued........

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well the count down is 5 more days, I will be on holidays for 12 days......woooooooohoooooooo. So much is swirling in my head so forgive me if I ramble.

The gnome and I have been spending every night watching the Olympics...I really like the events that happen more in this first week than later on next week (track events just aren't my

Of course, there is always time to take a break and watch Big always, the house mates are a bunch of whacky nuts...but maybe you have to be nutty to live in that kind of environment for the better part of 3 months.

When the season began, I was sorta cheering for Michelle or April , now I think they are both a couples of B... (well ya

I never really liked Jesse and was glad to see him get the good ol boot. That Libra chickie was not on my list of favourites either...not real impressed with any mom that has no problem at all leaving her 5 month old twins for 3 months..the big loser!!

Anyway, now I am cheering for Keesha or Dan to win. I think Dan did an awesome job as America's player...something that can really screw your game play up if you aren't careful.

Am I the only one that finds Renny hilarious?? The first week or so, she was irritating as hell...but has really settled down and is fun for a good

My only disappointment was that I missed last Sunday's show due to a power outage..and there were past guests on from every season (since this is their 10th)...I was looking forward to watching it and have heard it was pretty good.

For any big brother fans, if you haven't already read it, here is an awesome blog devoted completed to BB. I love it and check it out all the time. I am looking forward to tomorrow's show..the first once since Libra got the

As always, to be continued................

Thursday, August 14, 2008


As the world watches the events in Beijing, I have become convinced once again that I was an American in a former life.

I can't help myself...I see those Americans kicking ass in the pool or beating the snot outta some poor sucker in fencing and I am screaming and cheering them along.

Please don't get me wrong...I am proud to be a Canadian and wouldn't give that up for the world.....and I have been screaming just as loud watching the Canadian athletes....

But there is just something about watching Michael Phelps stand on the podium after he has collected his millionth gold , listening to the stars and stripes that makes me smile and wanna sing along...I just can't help myself.

My favourite sport in the summer Olympics is gymnastics...and I loveeeee watching the USA womens team. I feel so proud of them when they live up to their potential and when they have a bad fall, I just wanna grab them and hold them and tell them it is all gonna be okay...that we still love them and are proud of them (guess that is the momma bear in

I will be glued to the TV tonight cheering the girls on and praying that they find the success they deserve so fingers and toes will be


As always , to be continued......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have given a lot of thought to what I wanted to post about that I am back, I find I have sooooo much I want to jabber on about and I am still trying to organize the files in my I thought the best place to start was with the tale of the ambulance ride I mentioned in my post last night.

The week before last , the gnome had a week of holidays and I decided to take the entire week off to be with him. This is only the 2nd time in the 30 years that I have worked in my life that I have actually taken an entire week I was pretty excited.

After a relaxing weekend, we took the gremlins and went camping for a couple of days. Fun was had by all even though we got rained on a few times.

On Thursday, the gnome and I were out with the gremlins helping them with their paper route. We were on the very last street when this flake got clutsy and had herself a spill. Guess what?? Flakes don't fly (maybe because it isn't winter?? LOL)
Anyway, I managed to shift my weight a bit as I fell to avoid the car that was speeding directly toward me.

The problem came when I tried to stand and felt a searing pain run through my hip and down my leg. I might have yelled out for help if I could have stopped crying long enough. Thank god the gnome was with us or things would NOT have been good. Usually it is just the gremlins and me.

The day didn't turn out to be a lot of fun. Because I couldn't get up and had felt a "pop" in my hip when I fell, someone in the crowd that gathered had the presence of mind to call 911 and get an ambulance.

After a LOT of painful moving and jiggling in the ambulance and ER , along with multiple x-rays it was determined that nothing was broken . I had either torn or pulled all of the muscles in my left hip and thigh...not something I would recommend doing,

After almost 2 weeks of rest, pain pills and boredom I am starting to finally feel human again (or as human as a flake can

Yesterday was the first day I could finally start to move around a bit...and to make my recovery official, I got a bill for the ambulance ride...guess I should be glad they didn't kick me while I was down and out...lmao.

As always, once and again, to be continued.............

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hello out there to anyone that might still be stopping in to check on me....I am still alive.

It has been a long hard road and I have needed to turn inward and try to find the strength to go on....and more importantly, I needed to find some way to have faith again.

I have thought about my blogging buddies often....and I do miss you terribly...but I needed this break to clear my head.

But this is the start of a new week....and as part of my "getting back on track " plan I am going to be blogging again.....even if it is just to share a funny joke or say hello I WILL get back to the business of living again....I guess that is a sign that the PPE (purple people eater...the nickname I gave to the anti depressents because they are infact are starting to work at least somewhat...

I will be lurking and visiting blogs again to see what you all have been up to...I have missed you all and often thought ohh I wonder how sunshine is doing...or I wonder if Biddie and her daughter are well....I have often missed reading about palm springs savant's travels...I find myself pondering ..oh I wonder how Kate is and how brillig made out moving her family...and omgggg I can see now how much I have missed Soap Opera

These are just a few examples of h0w much I have missed you ALL while I was on "hiatus"....but I AM back... I will be stalking y'all soon and filling your comment boxes I am sure.

I certainly have lots of materials for posts...from crazy summer antics with the gremlins to an unscheduled ambulance ride I had to take 11 days ago....but for tonight I will just tell you I love you all...and I will be stopping in to see you soon!!

With love and always, to be continued......