Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have given a lot of thought to what I wanted to post about today...now that I am back, I find I have sooooo much I want to jabber on about and I am still trying to organize the files in my brain...so I thought the best place to start was with the tale of the ambulance ride I mentioned in my post last night.

The week before last , the gnome had a week of holidays and I decided to take the entire week off to be with him. This is only the 2nd time in the 30 years that I have worked in my life that I have actually taken an entire week off...so I was pretty excited.

After a relaxing weekend, we took the gremlins and went camping for a couple of days. Fun was had by all even though we got rained on a few times.

On Thursday, the gnome and I were out with the gremlins helping them with their paper route. We were on the very last street when this flake got clutsy and had herself a spill. Guess what?? Flakes don't fly (maybe because it isn't winter?? LOL)
Anyway, I managed to shift my weight a bit as I fell to avoid the car that was speeding directly toward me.

The problem came when I tried to stand and felt a searing pain run through my hip and down my leg. I might have yelled out for help if I could have stopped crying long enough. Thank god the gnome was with us or things would NOT have been good. Usually it is just the gremlins and me.

The day didn't turn out to be a lot of fun. Because I couldn't get up and had felt a "pop" in my hip when I fell, someone in the crowd that gathered had the presence of mind to call 911 and get an ambulance.

After a LOT of painful moving and jiggling in the ambulance and ER , along with multiple x-rays it was determined that nothing was broken . I had either torn or pulled all of the muscles in my left hip and thigh...not something I would recommend doing,....lol.

After almost 2 weeks of rest, pain pills and boredom I am starting to finally feel human again (or as human as a flake can feel..lol).

Yesterday was the first day I could finally start to move around a bit...and to make my recovery official, I got a bill for the ambulance ride...guess I should be glad they didn't kick me while I was down and out...lmao.

As always, once and again, to be continued.............


Biddie said...

OMG. I just wrote the longest comment and it disappeared!
Hope you're feeling better!

Phoenix5 said...

Tell me, what is wrong with this picture? We live in a province with "universal health care" yet we have to pay for the ride to get it? Sheesh! I hope it wasn't too much... and that you're feeling better!

aims said...

Glad you didn't break anything although tears can actually be worse. Guess out of all of it you got more than a week off huh?