Monday, August 11, 2008


Hello out there to anyone that might still be stopping in to check on me....I am still alive.

It has been a long hard road and I have needed to turn inward and try to find the strength to go on....and more importantly, I needed to find some way to have faith again.

I have thought about my blogging buddies often....and I do miss you terribly...but I needed this break to clear my head.

But this is the start of a new week....and as part of my "getting back on track " plan I am going to be blogging again.....even if it is just to share a funny joke or say hello I WILL get back to the business of living again....I guess that is a sign that the PPE (purple people eater...the nickname I gave to the anti depressents because they are infact are starting to work at least somewhat...

I will be lurking and visiting blogs again to see what you all have been up to...I have missed you all and often thought ohh I wonder how sunshine is doing...or I wonder if Biddie and her daughter are well....I have often missed reading about palm springs savant's travels...I find myself pondering ..oh I wonder how Kate is and how brillig made out moving her family...and omgggg I can see now how much I have missed Soap Opera

These are just a few examples of h0w much I have missed you ALL while I was on "hiatus"....but I AM back... I will be stalking y'all soon and filling your comment boxes I am sure.

I certainly have lots of materials for posts...from crazy summer antics with the gremlins to an unscheduled ambulance ride I had to take 11 days ago....but for tonight I will just tell you I love you all...and I will be stopping in to see you soon!!

With love and always, to be continued......


Joy T. said...

It's been awhile. Welcome back!

Biddie said...

Biddie is fine! :)
Jessica is actually doing better than ever. She has gained weight, her blood sugar is nearly perfect each and every day,and she looks beautiful. We have an appointment on the 14 th to see her nurse, just a little check up.
Glad that you are back!
What was with the ambulance ride???