Thursday, August 14, 2008


As the world watches the events in Beijing, I have become convinced once again that I was an American in a former life.

I can't help myself...I see those Americans kicking ass in the pool or beating the snot outta some poor sucker in fencing and I am screaming and cheering them along.

Please don't get me wrong...I am proud to be a Canadian and wouldn't give that up for the world.....and I have been screaming just as loud watching the Canadian athletes....

But there is just something about watching Michael Phelps stand on the podium after he has collected his millionth gold , listening to the stars and stripes that makes me smile and wanna sing along...I just can't help myself.

My favourite sport in the summer Olympics is gymnastics...and I loveeeee watching the USA womens team. I feel so proud of them when they live up to their potential and when they have a bad fall, I just wanna grab them and hold them and tell them it is all gonna be okay...that we still love them and are proud of them (guess that is the momma bear in

I will be glued to the TV tonight cheering the girls on and praying that they find the success they deserve so fingers and toes will be


As always , to be continued......


Biddie said...

Who else can we cheer for?

Still not one single medal.

Phoenix5 said...

I have to admit I just can't cheer for the US team. Too many times in the past they have cheated to win, and I have this feeling they are at it again. Phelps is just too good. I sincerely hope I am wrong!

Go CANADA Go! (please?)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Thanks Flake, nice to know our Canadian Cousins are rooting for us along the way. Go Team!

jAMiE said... happy for all our neighbours gymnastics too...wtg Shawn and Nastia...and can't believe Michael Phelps, that guy is amazing...but so happy Canada finally has 3...count 'em, THREE medals!!!


Jerseygirl89 said...

I root for Canada a lot - I think it's normal because we're neighbors.