Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well the count down is 5 more days, I will be on holidays for 12 days......woooooooohoooooooo. So much is swirling in my head so forgive me if I ramble.

The gnome and I have been spending every night watching the Olympics...I really like the events that happen more in this first week than later on next week (track events just aren't my

Of course, there is always time to take a break and watch Big always, the house mates are a bunch of whacky nuts...but maybe you have to be nutty to live in that kind of environment for the better part of 3 months.

When the season began, I was sorta cheering for Michelle or April , now I think they are both a couples of B... (well ya

I never really liked Jesse and was glad to see him get the good ol boot. That Libra chickie was not on my list of favourites either...not real impressed with any mom that has no problem at all leaving her 5 month old twins for 3 months..the big loser!!

Anyway, now I am cheering for Keesha or Dan to win. I think Dan did an awesome job as America's player...something that can really screw your game play up if you aren't careful.

Am I the only one that finds Renny hilarious?? The first week or so, she was irritating as hell...but has really settled down and is fun for a good

My only disappointment was that I missed last Sunday's show due to a power outage..and there were past guests on from every season (since this is their 10th)...I was looking forward to watching it and have heard it was pretty good.

For any big brother fans, if you haven't already read it, here is an awesome blog devoted completed to BB. I love it and check it out all the time. I am looking forward to tomorrow's show..the first once since Libra got the

As always, to be continued................


jAMiE said...

Hi Flake...good to see you posting about BB!

Jessie...SO glad he is gone..he was so full of himself it was sickening.

Jerry...really liked him at not so much.

Renny ...drove me crazy at the start but now i love her, SO glad she got HOH...i hope she goes far, would love to see her win or at least in the final two.

Keesha...ugh! Can't get a handle on that girl...sometimes i like her a lot ...other times, not so much.

Libra...big mouth...pot stirrer..glad she is gone.

April...ugh! Do Not Like!

Ollie...hanger on..c'mon man, do something!!! cute when he laughs up and plays to the camera..would like to see him do well..perhaps win. growing on me..i like the way he'll take up for someone. not like! Wow...what an attitude.

Can you believe how catty those girls are...sheeesh.

Go Dan!
Go Renny!!

Did i leave anyone out?

Canadian flake said...

lmao I feel the exact same way as you do Jamie..lmao

aims said...

So good to see you feeling better CF! I have worried a lot about you. I've been lurking and watching and I can see that you are more up than you had been for quite a while. I'm happy for you!

And I have to say - I got real tired of watching beach volleyball. Real tired. But Phelps? Wow! What dedication!