Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well here I sit for the second night in a row unable to sleep....too much on my mind I guess.

This is a holiday weekend here in Canada....labour day weekend just like in the US.

The gremlins start school on Tuesday....we went to Grade 9 orientation yesterday for gremlin#2...I think the building shook with fear as we entered at the thought of having both gremlins there..lmao.

I am scared and very worried about him...but trying hard not to think about it...which is resulting in the lack of sleep.

Still trying to learn my way around the new computer...but loving it for sure. The last beastie had gotten so slow...I hadn't realized how bad it had gotten. We still hope to get a new hard drive in it so we can have a second computer for the gnome to use while I am working...but it will just depend on if it is "do-able".

I can't remember if I told y'all about our recent van mishap??? The day after the computer was fried...the gnome took the van in for an oil change. While they were doing this, they noticed there was something wrong with one of the front wheels and investigated a bit further. We were soooooooo happy when the mechanic called the gnome at work to tell him that the van was extremely unsafe to drive and that we were very lucky that we hadn't lost a wheel while driving down the highway.

They also told us that we could NOT drive it without getting it fixed...even one small pot hole could cause the wheel to go flying off.....we had to tell them to go ahead...but had NO idea where we were gonna find $900 to get it fixed..

What a stressful 24 hr period that was....computers blowing up...vans falling apart...and the biggest asshole boss threatening to fire me because I was unable to get online to work my shifts...

All I can say is UGHHHHHHHH .....I sooooooo hate that we still have to beg for help from our parents when we get into financial trouble like this...thank god they were able to save us once again.

Gotta loveeeeeeeee em ( when you don't wanna strangle

As always, to be continued.............


jAMiE said...

I am sorry to hear about all of the stuff on your mind keeping you from sleep..i hope you are able to get some soon.

Take care.

Palm Springs Savant said...

yikes, stressful couple of days for sure Flake. Take a deep breath and exhale....

aims said...

No wonder you can't sleep!

But - be thankful they noticed the wheel - you could have been hurt badly or killed someone. Money is just money...lives are far more precious!