Tuesday, February 27, 2007


omggggggg the day is almost here and I am getting so excited I just can't stand it. I have almost survived my last 2 weeks in HELL and the end is so close I can taste victory. Tomorrow afternoon, I will be working my final shift and as I pass through the gates of HELL for the final time, I will thoroughly enjoy spitting in the eye of Satan.

It hardly seems possible that my 7 months of punishment have finally come to an end. I am soooooo looking forward to the next chapter in the saga of " The owner of the Gnome and 2 Gremlins...."

I have started my new job and so far it seems to be going ok. I think I am going to like it, which in itself makes it a step up. Hopefully, I won't screw it up..LOL. The thing I have noticed the most is how positive and nice the trainers have been...I find myself saying "are you sure?" alot. After 7 months of being degraded, yelled at and mistreated it is hard to get used to being treated like a human being again.

It has been an adjustment for the entire family. Last night while I worked, the cat decides she HAS to be in my arms and snuggle with me. Of course, no one else would do, it HADDD to be Mommy and I wanted to flush her furry ass down the tiolet. We finally had to close her in the bedroom and you would have thought someone was killing her with all the noise she made. LOL

Well stayed tuned and have a great day ev 1...

to be continued................

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Survived WEEK 1

Well all...here I sit staring out the window , listening to music and what the hell does it do but.......wait for it...........yessssssss people you guessed it, it is snowing AGAIN!!!! I went to pick up gremlin#1 from school this afternoon, and got so excited to see a few blades of dead grass that happened to get uncovered, the gremlin thought I was gonna have a heart attack and asked me if I needed to go to the ER ( and yes the gremlins seemed to have inherited my love of smartass-isms...lmao). Anyway, I just about smacked her but was way too happy to have survived week 1 of my 2 weeks notice at HELL!!! Man oh man I just can't wait to get outta there and NEVER go back.

I have started the training process for the new job and so far I am truly enjoying it. It seems to be very interesting work and so far I haven't messed anything up too bad...although today I messed up my computer badly enough that I was worried I might not make it back to the land of blogs for awhile. I even thought about calling and asking the Gnome for help, but he is electronically -challenged...good thing he has a nice butt so I keep him around..hee hee hee.

Well the snow continues to fall, and I give serious thought to flying south to see my dear Fica then I realize that it is actually south-west and if I go there, I will die in the summer heat she tells me they have there ...although I think she needs to sweat a bit after the way she has teased me about our Canadian winters...lmaoooooooo. I just know my youngest gremlin is upstairs praying for more snow as tomorrow is Friday and what better day would there be to have a snow day...there has only been 1 day this season that buses were cancelled so this would be my luck ..lol.

to be continued.......

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just another blucky Tuesday

Well here I sit....staring out the window at another Canadian winter day. Of course, ol man winter can't just give us a break from all this crap...ohhhhhhhhh noooooo that would be too nice of him. To make us all smile, he (interesting that winter comes from a male eh gals??).. anyway HE has decided to send us some snow mixed with freezing rain later today so like any good Eskimo I have gone into a hybernative state.

I am feeling a little blue today. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the gov't fucked up (and I am sure that stuns anyone that might read this...LOL). They didn't send me a cheque that was owed to me for the 2nd month in a row (and no it isn't welfare...lmao). Anyway, we have spent the last month robbing "paul" to pay peter and still haven't been able to make ends meet but we have managed to make it this far.

Now I always have tried to live by the motto " survive today and worry about tomorrow when it gets here"...a very wise man told me that when I was young and although it sounds simplistic and maybe a little odd it really has helped me many times in my life. Most importantly, when I had 2 grandparents that meant the world to me die 6 days apart....wouldn't have made it through that without reciting my motto about a million times(although then it was modified to survive this HOUR and worry about the next one when it comes). And I have surely repeated it many times in the last month. But now it is crunch time...we are in the final period of the Stanley Cup Finals and the stupid moron just can't get the puck to finish off those damn Sens...lol. We are 8 days away from rent being due and we just are not going to have it....as much as I try to find that damn money tree, it just doesn't wanna bloom...lol. It must be male too...roflmao.

Anyway, enough of that whining (smacking myself upside the head).... On a brighter note, I worked my last night shift in HELL last night and I think I floated out the door I was so happy to be done that shift. Still have a few more day shifts to go but I am hoping I will be finished this coming Sunday. The Gnome and gremlins are even more excited than I am, I think. They are looking forward to a time when I don't spend all day bitching about the devil boss...or that terrible place I call HELL...woooooooohooooooo can't waittttttttt to be done...LOL. Well off to try to be productive (not really..lol)

to be continued...........

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Hunt to start the new job

Well all.... to say the last few days has been intense would be an understatement. I have been trying to finish off my last 2 weeks in HELL and getting ready to start my new job which I hope will be better. Of course, the morons at HELL are trying to make sure my last few shifts are memorable by being as mean-hearted as possible. Anyone got a few sticks of dynamite that I could leave behind??? What a total bunch of morons...anywayyyyy enough of that.... I am counting the days til I am finished with them, then I won't even go back to buy a stick of gum...lmao.
I have been trying to get everything together that I need for the new job and the Gnome has been trying to be supportive...as best as any man can of course...roflmao. Due to a technical foul on the part of the Gov't, we are more than a little stressed because we are not gonna be able to pay our rent this month and are more than a little worried about that...so of course the new employer gave me 4 days to go out and spend $120.00 on the equipment I need for the job. That of course didn't help the situation either, but hey if we didn't need to stress about money how would we know we are still alive?? LOL.
The gremlins are being their normal PITA selves which is why they get the big bucks. They are excited about me starting the new job so they don't have to listen to me complain about the old one anymore...LMAO. Well I am off to cook dinner for the gremlins because it is getting late. Remember...if ya feed gremlins after midnight they change into dinosaurs ...and the owners manual says that there is no turning back from that.(so we are trying to avoid it)..... Maybe we should just stop feeding them all together?? What do y'all think??? LOL...

to be continued.........

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Okkkkkkayyyyyyyy this blog thingy seems to have brought me some luck. I have had the most amazing day and I can't even begin to start. First, let me explain that I have a husband that I love...let him be known as the Gnome (due to his love of snoring...LOL). We have 2 gremlins that we try not to feed after midnight, as that turns them into dinosaurs. Anyway, we relocated this past July to be closer to the gnome's work and it would be safe to say it has been a lonnnnnnnggggg 7 months. I was able to find a new job and it was by far, the WORST job I have ever had to endure....I have fondly named it HELL.

Forgive the babbling...I am a weeeee bit excited. Anyway I was able to find a new job today which allowed me to march straight through the gates of HELL and give Satan my letter of resignation. Today is one of those days that reminds me that prayer does work...Now if I could just start breathing again maybe my head would stop spinning...... Well maybe not...guess that is why I am such a Flake in the first place...LMAOOOOOOO. Well as I say that the words in my head are " like sands through the hour glass...soooo are the days of our lives"... roflmao... to be continued....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Welcome to my very new and very first blog. Thanks go to me goodest buddy fica for showing me the light and turning me on to something new. I am always looking for something to do to help past the time up here in the great white Northern land of ice and snow and crappy stuff like that. More to follow once I figure out what I am doing. To be continued.........