Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just another blucky Tuesday

Well here I sit....staring out the window at another Canadian winter day. Of course, ol man winter can't just give us a break from all this crap...ohhhhhhhhh noooooo that would be too nice of him. To make us all smile, he (interesting that winter comes from a male eh gals??).. anyway HE has decided to send us some snow mixed with freezing rain later today so like any good Eskimo I have gone into a hybernative state.

I am feeling a little blue today. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the gov't fucked up (and I am sure that stuns anyone that might read this...LOL). They didn't send me a cheque that was owed to me for the 2nd month in a row (and no it isn't welfare...lmao). Anyway, we have spent the last month robbing "paul" to pay peter and still haven't been able to make ends meet but we have managed to make it this far.

Now I always have tried to live by the motto " survive today and worry about tomorrow when it gets here"...a very wise man told me that when I was young and although it sounds simplistic and maybe a little odd it really has helped me many times in my life. Most importantly, when I had 2 grandparents that meant the world to me die 6 days apart....wouldn't have made it through that without reciting my motto about a million times(although then it was modified to survive this HOUR and worry about the next one when it comes). And I have surely repeated it many times in the last month. But now it is crunch time...we are in the final period of the Stanley Cup Finals and the stupid moron just can't get the puck to finish off those damn Sens...lol. We are 8 days away from rent being due and we just are not going to have it....as much as I try to find that damn money tree, it just doesn't wanna bloom...lol. It must be male too...roflmao.

Anyway, enough of that whining (smacking myself upside the head).... On a brighter note, I worked my last night shift in HELL last night and I think I floated out the door I was so happy to be done that shift. Still have a few more day shifts to go but I am hoping I will be finished this coming Sunday. The Gnome and gremlins are even more excited than I am, I think. They are looking forward to a time when I don't spend all day bitching about the devil boss...or that terrible place I call HELL...woooooooohooooooo can't waittttttttt to be done...LOL. Well off to try to be productive (not really..lol)

to be continued...........


Burfica said...

Yeah I try to be productive too, but I seem to be able to talk myself right out of it most times. hehehehehe

Phoenix5 said...

Hello, fellow "Flakey Canuck"! What a small world this is! LOL! Burfica, who also put me onto blogging a way back, is a good friend of mine too! I hope you last at it longer than I did! LOL! Now I'm just a "lurker". >:-)

Oh yeah, try not to be too hard on guys, ok? Not ALL of us are total losers! Some of us have SOME redeeming qualities! ;-) (Try not to bust a gut laughing now!)

Just think, only 8 more days to February then March arrives.. and , with it, hopefully, SPRING!

Take care and welcome to our crazy family!

Alekx said...

snow? freezing rain?
what's that?
**ducking the thrown lamp**

Melody said...

Welcome to blogland and thanks for the visit to MY BLOG. I like your moto and will keep it tucked away in my head for the times when i might need it. I lost my mom and an uncle 18 days apart...it SUCKED.

Steven Novak said...

I try to be productive as well but being productive takes so much work and I am so very lazy. ;)


Dorko said...

Ah! Nothing quite like the freedom one feels when walking out the door from a soul-sucking job - for the last time!
Spring is on its way (Believe it!) along with much better days for you!