Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Survived WEEK 1

Well I sit staring out the window , listening to music and what the hell does it do but.......wait for it...........yessssssss people you guessed it, it is snowing AGAIN!!!! I went to pick up gremlin#1 from school this afternoon, and got so excited to see a few blades of dead grass that happened to get uncovered, the gremlin thought I was gonna have a heart attack and asked me if I needed to go to the ER ( and yes the gremlins seemed to have inherited my love of smartass-isms...lmao). Anyway, I just about smacked her but was way too happy to have survived week 1 of my 2 weeks notice at HELL!!! Man oh man I just can't wait to get outta there and NEVER go back.

I have started the training process for the new job and so far I am truly enjoying it. It seems to be very interesting work and so far I haven't messed anything up too bad...although today I messed up my computer badly enough that I was worried I might not make it back to the land of blogs for awhile. I even thought about calling and asking the Gnome for help, but he is electronically -challenged...good thing he has a nice butt so I keep him around..hee hee hee.

Well the snow continues to fall, and I give serious thought to flying south to see my dear Fica then I realize that it is actually south-west and if I go there, I will die in the summer heat she tells me they have there ...although I think she needs to sweat a bit after the way she has teased me about our Canadian winters...lmaoooooooo. I just know my youngest gremlin is upstairs praying for more snow as tomorrow is Friday and what better day would there be to have a snow day...there has only been 1 day this season that buses were cancelled so this would be my luck

to be continued.......


Burfica said...

hahahahaha Just how cute is his butt????

Alekx said...

Snow days? What's that?
Oh when the weather says we are gonna get snow flurries and maybe some sleet and all the schools and businesses close down. Like that?

Dorko said...

I started training for a new position with my current employer this week too. (Recent heating bill kinda factored into my desire for more hours on the time clock! lol) Best of luck to you!