Thursday, February 15, 2007


Okkkkkkayyyyyyyy this blog thingy seems to have brought me some luck. I have had the most amazing day and I can't even begin to start. First, let me explain that I have a husband that I love...let him be known as the Gnome (due to his love of snoring...LOL). We have 2 gremlins that we try not to feed after midnight, as that turns them into dinosaurs. Anyway, we relocated this past July to be closer to the gnome's work and it would be safe to say it has been a lonnnnnnnggggg 7 months. I was able to find a new job and it was by far, the WORST job I have ever had to endure....I have fondly named it HELL.

Forgive the babbling...I am a weeeee bit excited. Anyway I was able to find a new job today which allowed me to march straight through the gates of HELL and give Satan my letter of resignation. Today is one of those days that reminds me that prayer does work...Now if I could just start breathing again maybe my head would stop spinning...... Well maybe not...guess that is why I am such a Flake in the first place...LMAOOOOOOO. Well as I say that the words in my head are " like sands through the hour glass...soooo are the days of our lives"... roflmao... to be continued....


Burfica said...

OMG I love it. Gnome and gremlins. hehehehehehe

And whoooooooooooo flippin hooooooooooooooo about the job again baby!!!!!!!!!

Alekx said...

Gnomes, Gremilins, gigantors and house elfs OH MY!!!!!!!

whoooooo hooooooooo on the job baby cakes and welcome to at least the first rung of hell on your way out.