Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Over the last week or so, I have done a lot of thinking about this blog of mine....and I have come to two conclusions.

The first conclusion is..... I SUCK!!!

I use this blog to whine and complain when life throws me a curve ball.....I babble on and ramble about things that probably sound trivial and even stupid at times....my few lame attempts at poetry haven't exactly been a huge success...so yeah...all considered, I pretty much suck..lol.

I am a loyal blog reader and have a fairly nice list of blogs I read. A lot of these blogs have a long list of awards and shout-outs that they have received...and they are all COMPLETELY deserved....because quite frankly , you all ROCK!!!

At this point, I should also mention that I have lost a few readers I used to have because I have committed the unthinkable act of swearing on my blog...(can y'all tell my heart is bleeding over this?? hee hee hee)

OK I did say that after much soul searching and consideration, I have come to TWO conclusions...the second one is that I don't give a rat's ass about the first one...and I love this blog even if I DO suck!!!

I was originally turned on to this blogosphere by my dear friend burfica and I will always be in her debt. I have found a list of bloggers that entertain me....enlighten me and truly amaze me. I honestly think you are all fantastic...so consider this your official "flake" pat-on-the-back.....

In the end, it doesn't matter if I suck....I started this blog at burfica's urging and quickly began to love and depend on it. I had forgotten how freeing and liberating it can be to put my emotions or jumbled thoughts into words...some how it can make even the worst day bareable.

I thought about those that have decided not to stop in for a visit because they don't like my language. I started to think maybe I should censor myself to be more "popular" but then I realized that would be defeating everything I love about blogging.

In the end, this blog is for me. I admit I have used it to spread the word about a tragedy like this or this....and I have used it to ask for readers to pray like this or this...but it also serves as my best friend at a time in my life when there is no one else. Of course I have the gnome and gremlins and that is a LOT...

Sometimes a girl just needs a friend who will listen unconditionally and not judge, no matter what she says.. I am blessed to have a few such friends online...but this blog also serves that purpose and for that I am forever grateful!!!

So I will continue to float along and suck as I do it...cause I am lovin' it baby....

As always, to be continued..............


Dorky Dad said...

You lost readers because you swore? Really?

Well, you wouldn't lose me. I think swearing is funny, even if I totally avoid it on my own blog. I'm rather juvenile that way.

You don't suck, Flake. I love your blog. And I'll keep reading, even if I don't get here as often as I'd like.

captain corky said...

You would lose me as a reader if you didn't swear. ;)

I love your blog too, and you do not suck at all!

Marni said...

I just found you and don't think you suck at all. Swear all you want -- I'll keep coming back.


Phil said...

I find that I delete blogs from my blogroll because of their being boring, bashing their husbands/wives, or explicit sexual content. My kids read my blog, and peruse my blogroll so I have to do a small bit of censoring. But you, dear, are cool.


~JJ! said...

You so don't suck.

And who give a shit if they don't read you anymore...(oops, should I not have said that?)...

I will read you always.

Biddie said...

You lost readers because you were swearing?
Well that's fucking stupid.
I don't think that you suck, either. Would I come back every day to read a sucky blog? I think not.
As for the complaining...I do my own fair share. I blogged something fun today b/c I knew that I have been bitching a lot lately. Thing is, ranting is all part of it. It helps. Big time.
Don't quit baby. :)

Hammer said...

I see no suckage. You're thinking of the erotica blogs ;)

jAMiE said...

Sheeeeeesh...for one thing, you do NOT suck!!! and number two...if you swear, that is your right and i am with Dorky Dad..i am somewhat juvenile and find it funny...even though i rarely swear myself.

So you keep on, keeping on ...we are all with you and loving your blog!!!

Canadian flake said...

thanks for the support ev1..as always you rock and I love you all!!!!

Phoenix5 said...

I'm a little late, but I agree with all of the above. I don't swear much myself, and sometimes, when I read swearing, it makes me a bit uncomfortable. But I always look at the context of the message. If you're angry, and it helps you to use strong language, who am I to judge? We all have our little vices, don't we? I love reading your blog, Flake! Even though I hate soap operas, I read your SOS. Even though I can't stand most reality shows, I still read your posts about them. Why? Because I count you as one of my friends, and what you have to say is important to me. 'Nuff said!

Oh yeah, you DEFINITELY don't suck, my friend! At least, not on this blog ;) I don't know what goes on in your bedroom though... heheh!

Burfica said...

OOoO you suck??? the bigger question is do you swallow???


You know how clean my language is!!!

I would never ever swear!! I'm sweet and innocent, and virginal.

And apparantly I'm delusional too. hehehehe

Canadian flake said...

phoenix - thanks hon...I will surely let the bedroom comment pass unnoticed..lmao.

fica - ewwwwwww grossssssssssss..lol.

HoosierGirl5 said...

You do NOT suck! I love your blog. And you can swear all you want....you KNOW I do!

Thanks for being such a great blog reader, too!