Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Everyone that knows burfica, please take a moment to say a quick prayer for her. She is going to have her surgery on Thursday and is a bit nervous. I am sure it will make her feel much better to know we are all here praying and/or sending good wishes her way. Thanks again!!!

Okie dokie , at the request of my dear buddy Phoenix, I am here today to dish about Dancing with the Stars.

All I can say about last night's result show is that it IS about friggin time. Wayne Newton should have been gone the first week and I am thrilled that America finally got it right, and showed the "showman" the way to stage left aka the

I felt bad for his partner Cheryl though...she won season 2 with Drew Lachey...she won season 3 with Emmet Smith...then made top 4 last season with Ian Zerring.....then this season she gets stuck with the old man?? that sorta blows but guess it was her turn...lmao.

I didn't watch this show when it first started now I am TOTALLY addicted...I think it is the musician in me...I can't seem to help myself..lmao.

I am completely cheering for Jennie Garth to win it all..even though I can't see it happening. I like the "chequita banana" girl but I think she will burn out in the end. I also like that race car driver Helio...he is a cutie petutie...and his partner DID go all the way last season with Apollo.

I am looking forward to see how the season unfolds. I think that millionaire guy should be the next to get the ol' heave ho...only time will tell.

Tune in next week for more DWTS dish...

As always, to be continued..............


Burfica said...

uht oh, another show I don't watch. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Although I did see Emit Smith win, and I thought it was wrong, but whatever. hehehehe

MomThatsNuts said...

Praying praying praying....

I dont watch dancing with the stars. Is that bad??? lol


Biddie said...

I watched part of the 1st episode, and that's it. I'm not treally into these kinds of shows BUT I think I will look up Wanye Newton's performance on YouTube. LOL. Everyone is saying how glad they are that he is gone. Was he really THAT bad?

Anne Bradshaw said...

I don't know Burfica, but here's a prayer winging your way for her today. Popped over to your blog from another. Some fun stuff here :-)

Phoenix5 said...

Thanks, Flake! I missed this week's AND last week's episodes due to my feeling so blah around 9:00 pm. I'm glad Newton was booted this week too. I agree that he should have been the first to go. He was incredibly stiff right from the start. It's hard to believe the guy has a black belt in Karate! I haven't been able to get all the names firmly attached to their faces yet, but I'm leaning towards Helio as well. He's quite a good dancer to begin with, and he is definitely having a ton of fun out there! His partner is an incredible hottie too! ;-) What guy wouldn't have fun with her as his partner? I didn't think Apolo should have won last year, but I guess America goes for the "romantic" look. I thought Joey and Kim should have won last year. I tend to root for the couple who seems to be having the most fun! LOL!

Do you know if they are rebroadcasting the show on weekends this year like they did last year? IF so, I'll catch up then.

Dorko said...

What's this about the Burfica?
Prayers ascending NOW!

I really dig the ballroom dancing too - those fluid moves and lines - those flowing costumes - dance... what a great way to get and keep in shape. All of those dancers have great bods! Makes working out look fun... in a couple of different ways hehehe.

Biddie said...

I meant to tell you that Burfica is on my prayer list. :)

I watched ol Wayne on YouTube. LMAO. You're right. he should been gone the 1st week.

Canadian flake said...

burfica - ya don't know what you are missing but I still love you

mom- nope not bad...but see what I just said to fica

biddie - I love Wayne Newton but he totally SUCKED

anne - hope you pop in again. Thanks for stopping by.

phoenix - not sure if they are rebroadcasting shows...I will keep you up to date on shows you I agree...last season Joey was robbed...lmao.

dorko - I agree completely.

jAMiE said...

We watch this show here too...i cant get in to any of this years contestants...this...Survivor...what's up with me, eh?