Sunday, May 25, 2008


okies fans of all things soapy...I have decided to get my head outta my butt and get back into the swing of things(slowly but surely). To this end, I am going to start posting again for Soap Opera Sunday. I think it was a weeeeeeeeee bit rude of me to start a soapy story and not finish it...don't wanna leave anyone hanging. For rules or to participate stop in to see kate (as brillig is busy getting ready to move).

I am still mulling over the conclusion of the story "After the Marriage from Hell". I will work on it this week and post it next Sunday. For now, here are the links to read the beginning of this story. It has been so long since I started it, I have to re-read it myself so I can remember where I left

Check it out and stop in again soon, ya hear??

As always, to be continued.....


Jessica G. said...

Such a sweet story! Sure beats the tar out of the Internet dating story I put up for SOS this week... Glad you found a good one!