Friday, July 11, 2008


Nice to be back among the blogger living. I haven't been able to post or comment because our keyboard space bar decided to become broken. We had a spare keyboard but, as is so often my luck, the damn thing wouldn't work on this machine for some reason (too old I

Anyway, when I typed with the keyboard itseriouslylookedlikethis....which was irritating as heck and sure made work interesting (NOT!!). Luckily the gnome knew I was in a tizzy (and pretty grumpy with him) so he got a spare one from work ...awwwwwwww isn't it nice to have a gnome in shining armour to save ya???LOL

As always, to be continued.....


Sunshine said...

Glad you got a blog break. Guess you just needed some space.


I crack myself up.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Way to go, Mr. Gnome!! You take care of our C.Flake!


Phoenix5 said...

Iguessit'sbettertonothaveaspacebaratallthen t o hav e on e th at o nly work swhe nitwant sto! LOL!

That took more work than I thought it would! LOL! Glad to see you back in Bloggerland too!(WTG Mr. Gnome!) Hope you're having a good weekend!

Palm Springs Savant said...

everyone needs a little time away now and then, Flake.