Friday, June 6, 2008


Today my thoughts have been on some really stupid news stories making the rounds up here. The big news up here in Canada over the last few days has been related to hockey. One of our main TV networks up here is called CBC. This station carries the NHL games up here. Well y'all know us Canadians loveeeee our hockey eh??? (Actually I could care less if I ever saw a game but it somehow seems unpatriotic to admit that out loud so shhhhhhhh no one tell the gnome ok?? LOL)

Well CBC always has hockey games on Saturday night during hockey season with an opening song that is quite catchy...this song was composed in 1968 and has been used on Saturday nights ever since. The hoopla has come over the last few days when CBC decided that they wouldn't renew the contract for the use of this song. When the gnome told me this, I thought "oh well" and didn't think much about it but there has been quite an outcry. We Canadians are a pretty welcoming and friendly punch of eskimos...but mess with our hockey and you ARE walking on dangerous

The second thing I heard this week that made me shake my head was the story of Tatum O'Neal getting busted for cocaine possession. I felt bad for her...even though she brought it on herself, I still felt at least a little sympathy for her situation UNTIL I was listening to some entertain show (ET Canada maybe??)

Anywayyyy, as I listened, I heard them talking about Ms O'Neal discussing her arrest. Her excuse??? She had recently had to have the family dog put down because it became ill and she was in mourning...I was like omggggggggg please . Yeah I bet the judge will be glad to accept that and let her off with a slap on the wrist...Can anyone say duhhhhhhhh???

Is it a full moon and I just didn't notice??? LOL

As always, to be continued...........


aims said...

Combining the last two posts....

Girl - you don't have to keep how bad you are feeling from us - it is not going to chase us away at all.

About Tatum - Having had a cocaine addiction myself during my years with The Beater - I can understand how she 'needed' the cocaine. Anything to numb pain is how you start thinking about it.

However - having kicked the habit myself and having heard she has fought addiction all her life - well-- I don't know. It takes a strong person to fight life. I guess she just isn't as strong as the rest of us.

Jerseygirl89 said...

How weird - I heard Tatum's excuse was that she was "researching a role". I think I like the dog story better.

Biddie said...

I heard about Tatum and felt badly for her. She lost her kids due to her habit, and now, here she goes agian. I know that it is sooo hard to quit, but I thought that her excuse was lame-o, too.
As for the Hockey Night In Canada thing, it kind of saddens me, too. My Uncle Howie was the commentator for years, and it just won't be the same...Mind you, I hate hockey. LOL. Just please don't tell my family - I have two pro NHL-ers in there...They would be soo disappointed. :)

Joy T. said...


We are diehard hockey fans in our house and it's unbelievable they would want to take away the Hockey Night in Canada theme song that's been playing all these years. Crazy morons. As for Tatum O'Neal, I really feel for her. Anyone who has had an addiction to drugs knows it's a life long battle. I hope she gets the help she needs.