Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am a total fan of Dancing with the Stars so it was with great excitement(and some sadness) that I sat down to watch the season finale last night. I was excited to see who won as I had picked Kristi Yamaguchi to take home the "glass ball" from the first show.

I really do enjoy the show so I hated to see it end but I was really happy for her and I think she really deserved it. There was a lot of talk about wanting to see a woman win it for only the 2nd time in six seasons....personally I just wanted to see the best dancer win and I honestly think that is what happened (in my opinion anyway...but what the heck do I know...lmao).

I feel a longgggg summer of bad movies and reruns stretching ahead of we TV Good thing Big Brother will be starting again in July to keep us entertained a bit..lmao. Any shows y'all like to watch this time of year????

As always, to be continued...................


Sunshine said...

I think she totally deserved it from early on, too. A great win!! It was a good season for DWTS.

My fav right now is Top Chef, and this summer will get a little tricky until BB starts....ugh.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I agree, she was awesome for sure! I'll have to fill my summers watching reruns of CSI no doubt!

Phoenix5 said...

I had picked Kristi from the get-go. Thsi is the second season I've picked the winner! LOL! I had picked Helio last season. The season before that I had picked Joey Fatone over Apolo - oh well. I've been enjoying the Indiana Jones movies on TV these last few weeks. I'm not sure what will be available over the summer as I'm not a BB fan (as you well know! LOL) Summer TV is always so disappointing.

Hopefully the movies released to DVD are a good bunch this summer!

The Laundress~JJ! said...

Now that's 2 skaters that have won...I think that's fixed. Unfair? I dunno.

I'm still dreaming of Christian.

aims said...

I had hoped Christien would win because he tried so damn hard - but Kristi was excellent - no denying that.