Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well we survived.......the house was clean.....the food was cooked.....and no mice decided to make an

I think I mentioned on my last post that I have been cleaning like a dog for 2 days because the gnome was having company tonight...a gal that he worked with came over with her hubby to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs battle the Ottawa Senators. This rivallry is called "the Battle of Ontario".

Now hockey up here (especially in this one-horse town) is a pretty big deal. When the gnome and I first started dating, he took me to a social event for his work where I met alot of his co-workers. The majority of the evening's conversation centered around the hockey season. After listening to the gnome chat with one of his bosses for a bit, I finally spoke up and said "So what do y'all talk about when it isn't hockey season?"

Without even batting an eye, the gnome's boss quickly responded "Next year's hockey season!!!"

So the couple we had over tonight are diehard Senator fans and I think I have mentioned that the gnome BLEEDS Maple Leaf it always makes for an interesting evening to sit back and listen to them debate and heckle each other.

Tonight, dear gremlin #2 decided that he needed to try out his future as a comedian...the big goofball. The following "joke" was told.

gremlin #2 : hey guest, guess what?

guest : yes dear boy? (what the hell was she thinking?? LOL)

#2 : Well ya know I always say that gnome drives me totally crazy...

guest: really???

#2: yes...but at least he has a license to drive me there ...hahahaha.

Goshhhhhh ya think the boy will be taking over for Letterman anytime soon??? I hope sooooo,...cause I am not getting any younger and need him to take care of me in my old age..lmao.

As always, to be continued...............


Phoenix5 said...

Too funny, Flake! I sure hope he takes over for Letterman real soon! In fact, I hope SOMEBODY... ANYBODY takes over for Letterman soon... the guy is NOT funny, and his writers SUCK! Why do people watch him?

Josie said...

The Leafs won :)
My son and I bleed blue, just like the gnome.

I thought the gnome#2's joke was cute.

Hope you had a good evening with friends.

Burfica said...

that's funny. Kids are either cracking people up or irritating the crap out of them. hehehehehehe

Glad you survived, so did we. lol

Biddie said...

The Leafs won? Well, if I had to pick a team, it would be the Leafs.
I know what you mean about small town Ontario. I was raised in one, and it was all about hockey. I HATE hockey, but I used to go to the arena every Friday nite and watch the games. I had to. It was the only thing happening, and I knew which door didn't lock properly so I could get in for free.
LOL at you lil comedian. Maybe he SHOULD take over for someone, anyone, at least until this dang strike is over!

Hammer said...

We actually had two hocky teams here in my town for a while. the raptors and iguanas. Seems strange to have two professional hockey teams in a town with no winter.

I went to see them one time and was amused to find that all these Texas hockey players were from Canada!