Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Last night I was treated to hockey night in Canada first hand. The gnome is the BIGGEST hockey fan ever ...I could clarify that he is a HUGE fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Long story short is that we unexpectedly score 2 tickets to the leafs game last night. They were playing the dreaded Ottawa Senators and the gnome took me to my very first NHL game.
I am not really a hockey fan but I have tried to tolerate it because I know how much the gnome loves it and I love him. The game was surely was a home game for Ottawa so we were surrounded by Sens fans. I will post more about it another time...but I did try to get some here they are...sorry they aren't better but we were up in the nosebleed
This is the outside of the arena..though not a great pic the building is amazing itself :

These pics were being auctioned off. I would have loved to put a bid on the maple leafs one but the opening bid was $400...sorry dear gnome :

The 2 teams warming up before the game :

The national anthem...was totally amazing...the building was packed with more than 19,600 people in attendance:

This Canadian flag was unrolled by people during the anthem...there were actually rows of people under it holding it was really cool :

2 teams playing hard :

The sens congratulating themselves after a good game...honestly the leafs sucked but the gnome really enjoyed it still :

The guy next to us was a diehard Sens fan. He was nice though and didn't seem to mind us screaming for the leafs and booing the was interesting but not sure I would want to go

As always, to be continued..............


Phoenix5 said...

I'm not a hockey fan, well, not an NHL hockey fan, at all, but I do enjoy the spirit of being at a game once in a while. I usually will go to one or two OHL games a season here in Guelph and try to cheer on the Storm, but they usually disappoint too! LOL! I'm glad you had a good time, and had a decent neighbour at the game! Great pictures, by the way!

Isn't experiencing the "new" Canadian patriotism a huge thrill now? I remember when nobody sang the national anthem or waved flags at games. I get goosebumps, even at Guelph's tiny arena when I hear 4,000+ fans belting out "Oh Canada!" Very cool!

One last question... didn't the Sens play at the Corel Centre? Or did that change ownership recently?

Biddie said...

When I was a kid growing up in my small town, Friday nights were all about the hockey games at the arena. Just the locals playing, and the seats were too cold, too rickety, and the only thing that I could ever afford was a bag of pocorn for 50 cents. I am not a hockey fan, but since my brothers played for the local team and I have two relatives that were in the NHL, I sort of had to suffer through it.
Funny thing is, I kind of miss it.
I'm glad that you had fun. For me, being out with Hubby, no matter where, makes my night.

Tammy said...

I had to listen to two men talk about the Toronto/Ottawa game today. They must have talked about it for 15 minutes until they noticed my eyes glazing over. LOL

Hammer said...

I was shocked when I found out my town had 2 hockey teams, The raptors and iguanas. I thought what kind of Person in South Texas plays hockey? Guess what?... they were all Canadian lol

Burfica said...

sounds like fun. Not necessarily the hockey game, but just a night out. That's all good. hehehehe

Marni said...

We go see the Atlanta Thrashers about once a season. It is more fun to be there than to watch it on TV -- that is for sure!

whatevergirl said...

I used to be a fan of the Atlanta Flames. My mom used to take us to the games when we were little. Hockey is definitely not a game you can appreciate on T.V. You must go to one. I don't follow the Thrashers or hockey any longer, but what is up with naming a hockey team the "Leafs"? Who the hell was on that committee? I understand it is Canada, but don't you get signs from the opposing teams like "Rake the Leafs"...

Phoenix5 said...

I have to respond to whatevergirl's comment:

I've never seen a sign like that one, but us "non-fans" like to call the team the "Toronto Maple Laughs"! LOL... sorry Flake's Gnome!