Friday, September 28, 2007


Welcome to Survivor friday....hope you all enjoyed the show last night.

I am not sure what I think of this survivor far it has gotten off to a sorta blahhhhhhh start for me but the diehard Survivor fan in me still has hope.

Am I the only one that is reminded of the survivor season that happened in 2005 where one tribe was totally useless and lost challenge after challenge until there was only Stephenie (LaGrossa) left to go to the other tribe at the "merge"??

I think the yellow tribe last night made a HUGE mistake voting off Ashley. Yes she has a big mouth and was sick for the first couple of days...but Dave is a bossy pain in the ass who stood there looking stupid when he got tired in the immunity challenge...what a "tool" he is ( Ashley's words after she got voted

Last night's show reminded me what a butthead my dear gnome can be at times. We often have a lively debate over who should get voted off and who is "playing the game" the best. I can totally accept that we don't agree about why someone gets voted off while a jerk gets to stay...but last night the gnome was a total tool...

He is a huge wrestling fan, so without even seeing the show he said he isn't going to watch any more episodes and doesn't even want to hear about them because Ashley got the ol' heave ho...he reminded me of a 2 yr old that wants to run home with all his toys because he doesn't want to

The point I tried to make to him was this...YES I agree she is physically strong and would probably have been an asset in future challenges...BUT you can't just shoot your mouth off at the self proclaimed leader, pick a fight with him and then not expect him to come after you... I agree this might not be "fair" but who the hell EVER said the game WAS ... the gnome was being a stubborn shit and didn't even I just told him it was fine but don't think I won't be watching because I will!!!

I am not too worried about having to listen to Dave much longer...I think that yellow tribe will continue to lose and will get picked off one by one ...the up side to this is once the merge comes and there are only red tribe members left, we get to watch them turn on each other...then things should get interesting...lmao.

See ya next week for more Survivor dish........

As always, to be continued.............


Burfica said...


after saying that I don't like Dave either. I think he should have left, then they could have gotten rid of ashley next time if things didn't get better.

Still loving James and Aaron though. Not liking Jonrobere or whatever his name was. Stupid lazy ass.

Hammer said...

The constant bitching, whining and crying on that show makes me stressed out. I seriously hope that regular people aren't really that annoying when faced with a difficult situation.

Marni said...

I can't stand Zoolander either... wish he had gotten the ol' heave ho instead of Ashley.

Also want Mr. Poker Face to go, too. What a lazy idjit.

So far, this season is irritating the crap out of me. These folks are NUTS!!!!! But I love it and continue to tune in week after week.

Suzie said...

Ashley just didn't make friends and then shoot off her mouth. You have to make friends first.

Don't you really think this is kinda a do nothing Survivor?

Phoenix5 said...

Cool scenery in the few seconds I watched. OF course, I wasn't really watching the scenery, I was watching Ashley's bandana losing it's fight with gravity and her... ummm... "assets"! LOL! That's about as much Survivor as I can stand for this year!

Now, when are you gonna do a "Dancing with the Stars" Wednesday? Looks like an interesting season this year!

Sunshine said...

Dave is a pompous ass, but I bet they'll get all the workhorse out of him while they're building camp then boot his ass.

Canadian flake said...

fica- yeah that Courtney needs an attitude

hammer - yes I agree but I love it

marni - "Also want Mr. Poker Face to go, too. What a lazy idjit." you are sooooo

suzie - yup I agree, maybe this season is just starting off slow? Maybe they have finally run out of

Phoenix - gonna start posting on DWTS too but was waiting to see where the results show was going to for future

Sunshine - I will laugh my ass off when Dave goes..lmao.