Saturday, September 22, 2007


One of the best parts of the fall rolling around (other than gremlins going back to school is the start of the fall premieres of all my favourite shows. The gnome and I were talking about it the other day, and we both said that we haven't seen a lot of ads for new shows starting this fall...but that is ok, because we have enough shows that we enjoy that we are already fighting for TV

I decided to investigate and see what the major networks in this area had to offer and the following is the list of shows I am looking forward to seeing in the upcoming weeks:

CBS - 1) Survivor China - this is no shock to anyone that reads my blog..'nuff

2) CSI Miami- no one can beat Hiratio...what a hottie...I have enjoyed CSI before also...but sorta got away from it when they decided to bury Nick alive...was tooo much for me....lmao.

3)Without a Trace - I love this show and think Jack Malone is pretty cool...or he just escaped from the mafia..lmao.

4) Shark - James Woods is AMAZING in this show...and Jerri Ryan is a great counterpart (of course she will always be Seven of Nine to me...right Corky??)

5)Criminal Minds - I have enjoyed this show although it is more than a bit graphic at times. I wonder if it will survive now that Mandy Patankin has left. He and Thomas Gibson( Hotchner) were great together...even better than when they were in Chicago Hope together. He will surely be missed.

NBC - 1) Bionic Woman - I am old enough to remember the original series and I loved it. I will be interested to see if the new series is any good...not too sure but I will be checking it out.

2) ER - I have been a loyal fan since this show premiered...I cried when Mark died....laughed and smiled when Luka and Abby got married...held my breath when Carol's twins were born and she almost died...can't wait to see what comes next.

3)Medium - love this show...looking forward to more...but I missed a few episodes last season because the fucktards at NBC couldn't make up their mind on a time slot...hopefully they will leave it alone this

ABC - 1) Dancing with the Stars - I only REALLY got into this show last season. I watched it a bit the year before when Emmet won but really enjoyed last year and can't wait to see it on Monday.

2) AFV - this is always hilarious....'nuff said.

3)Extreme Makeover home edition - this show almost always makes me cry...and gives me hope too ,most shows.

FOX - honestly I checked out their website and there is nothing at all that tempts me to flick that guess they won't be seeing me anytime soon.

RERUNS - gotta loveeeeeee the reruns...especially old episodes of The OC and 90210 ...loved them both and they are just as good the 2nd time around( and Star Trek too...but that goes without saying, eh Corky?? LOL)

So..what do you think?? What shows are y'all looking forward to watching??

I admit we watch too much TV here..but anyone that thinks this is wrong should come live through a long Canadian winter and I bet they would be singing a different tune...lmao.

Happy viewing all...

As always, to be continued....................


Sunshine said...

Your TV whoriness is about on keel with mine. So many shows!!! I'll get so much knitting done while I watch!

MomThatsNuts said...

Medium is a great show, its the only one on your list that I watch! I honestly dont have time for TV but I do enjoy 24 and American Idol. My parents LOVE survivor. I would love to be able to sit and crochet and watch TV..Im just too old and tired..Im in bed by like 10! I know its sad isnt it?? HAPPY SUNDAY


Alekx said...

I'm with you on survivor and we should have good friendly spats on this one where I couldn't keep up with you on BB
I'm looking forward to Bionic Woman as well, I was a big Steve Austin and Jamie Summers fan in the day.
Also I watch Saving Grace, the closer, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. Thank god for DVR's or I'd never watch TV

Biddie said...

I can't wait for ER, Criminal Minds, Lost (yeah, till February), Supernatural....I like Medium, too...Crossing Jordan was canceled, damn it,and I don't knwo what's happening with Jericho.
The new fall seaon is best part of fall. I am going to check out the new Bionic Woman, too. Looks good.

Anonymous said...

Love Dancin'...great stuff.

I'm into all the brainless reality I can find. VH1 is my channel.

Phoenix5 said...

Well, you picked some of the shows I like to watch too, so your TV taste can't be all bad! LOL! (just kidding)

I'm looking forward to the new Bionic Woman too, but with my schedule, I don't think I'll get too much TV watched this winter.

I too like CSI:Miami but I like Horatio Caine for a different reason. To me, he is the ultimate boss. I've had bosses who, when you make a mistake, hang you out to dry without a moment's hesitation. Horatio stands IN FRONT of his people and protects them from outside attacks, then corrects them privately. I admire that immensely! I'm also SOOO glad BoaVista is now a main character... she's HOT! LOL!

Burfica said...

Hero's, and the new Reaper, Supernatural. I like the one's you said. Plus Lost, NCIS and the UNIT. Ghost Wisperer, and Numbers. Looking forward to Moonlight.

On Fox, I watch Prison Break and Bones. Other than that, nothing. But I do watch all the CSI's

Oh oh and I can't for get Desperate Housewives and Cold Case.

Okay there I think that's my rundown of shows.