Saturday, August 4, 2007

Why does this TOTALLY sum up the day I have had??? I am so angry at that stupid gnome of mine right now I can't even talk about it. I think maybe I will just spend my time plotting my revenge....seems to me I heard something about slipping the arsenic in ice cream because the cold hides the taste so they don't see it coming...hee hee hee.
Just kidding...there is no worries that I would do something to hurt him because I do NOT have the energy to hide the body tonight and in this heat it wouldn't take long to smell up the
Guess I will go hide in bed and try to forget this day happened...husbands can be so cruel and mean and hurtful....(I know I know wives can be just as bad, prolly worse when ya mix PMS into the I am sitting here...repeating my motto..."get through today, worry about tomorrow when it comes......."
Crossing fingers that tomorrow is better, there is always hope right?? Sorry I was such a downer...better posts to come..
As always, to be continued............


Biddie said...

Arsenic in ice cream? say it ain't so! What a waste of ice cream!
I hope that you're feeling a little better. If you ever want to 'talk' feel free to email me, k? I can be a good listener.
Hugs. :)
I was just stopping by to let you know that you have been tagged.

Anonymous said...

Women can be so deliciously evil. Why shoot the bugger or stab him when you can make him die a slow and excrutiatingly painful death?

I'm kidding, of course, really I am. Hope tomorrow is better. Have a good sleep.

Hammer said...

Ugh. Sounds rough. I try to be straight forward when somthing like that happens. there is nothing worse than a festering anger.

Burfica said...

I think you should stab him with a fork. hehehehe

Canadian flake said...

biddie - thanks for the offer...and no worries, I didn't waste the ice cream ..I ate it

babzy - "Why shoot the bugger or stab him when you can make him die a slow and excrutiatingly painful death? " hee hee my thinking exactly..lmao.

hammer - you are right. I "festered" and it only got But at least we are still

burfica - I was thinking about doing what you suggested and then sending the body to you to put in your freezer..since it is going anyway..lmao.