Friday, August 3, 2007


Holy cow where does the time go? I was sitting here earlier, trying to think of something whitty or comical to post...then I realized that heyyyyyy wait a IS BIG BROTHER FRIDAY. I do NOT know where my brain is today..

Actually I DO know where it is....where it belongs, in lala land. I could not for the life of me sleep last night. About 3:30am,I was playing on pogo and thinking I might try to go back to bed when I saw that it was starting to lightning out...there was no thunder so I thought...ok heat lightning ,since it is almost 4am and is STIL 30C with the humidex. I was just about to win my game of hearts and POOF no power...grrrrrrrr let me tell ya, I was swearing.. Anyway, within about 20 min, the heavens had opened up and unleashed the worst storm I have seen in many tornadoes or anything, but there were reports of hail and trees down from the heavy wind,rain and was wild. Soooooo 2 scared gremlins...1 hyper nervous gnome...I freaked out cat equals me NOT sleeping and trying to keep them all calm and under control. Therefore, today my brain power is the equivalent to a racoon that has taken one too many sips of "happy juice"

Anyway, to the business at hand. When I watched last night's episode of BB, I was thinking OMFGGGGG how fucking stupid ARE you idiots. I can not believe that they did NOT send that stupid Kail home. The houseguests are talking about how weak and fragile she she isn't a threat because she is falling apart and can't play the game...and I am SCREAMING at the TV telling them well duhhhhhhhhh didn't ya think maybe she is just acting that way to save her ass??? Obviously it's working...and she is taking them all for a ride. That stupid Jamica not ONLY saved that moron Jen but then says she says she wants to keep Kail because she does a good job at putting away the dishes...I was like WTF bitch you need to go next...lmao.

So good bye Nick...I don't think you have anyone to blame for your departure but yourself.....that is what happens when you let your pecker dictate your game play. This IS BB after all, not Love Connection...lmao. He should be grateful he stayed as long as he did...there are 3 other players that would gladly trade places with him (that being Carol, Mike and Joe).
Last night, when Danielle and Jen got into it, I just about choked with laughter when Dick poured his drink all over Jen's head.....childish on his part but still hilarious..lmao.

Btw, am I the only one that thinks Eric should win it all? He is cute, funny but more importantly he is doing an awesome job as America's player. I think he rocks and I hope he goes far. I hope the new HOH puts up Jen and Kail again...keep nominating them until they finally get gone, I say..lmao

Stay tuned BB fans.........

As always, to be continued..............


Burfica said...

I end up having to calm, kid, dogs, and cat down from the storms. Gigantor just sleeps through them. He would sleep through a bombing no problem. lol

Where is that happy juice??? I want some.

Jeff said...

Hey CF! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

I love summer storms. The bigger the better. Pop in a scary movie or grab a scary book and have at it.

Hammer said...

Stay dry, we've had some scary storms lately as well.

I hold Al Gore personally responsible ;)

Sunshine said...

I got my stepmom addicted to BB also.

As for last night, Dick dumping the drink on Jen made me almost wet my pants, that was awesome.

We also thought, in addition to the drinking game they could do with Jen talking about herself, they could also do one for every time Amber cries.

jAMiE said...

Hello Flake.....i am SO mad Nick got sent home instead of Kail...but the LNC decided that early on in the week..i was bursting to tell you.

I already know who won the HoH if you want to know..but i won't say now because i don't want to spoil the show.

Amber is driving me nuts in the chat rooms they call her Waaamber...very fitting.

Have a good long weekend!

captain corky said...

It's been a while since we had a storm here. It's been a really dry Summer here in Kentucky, but I guess it always like this.

Can't really comment on Big Brother cause I've never seen it. You still love me Flake, don't you?

Have a great weekend. ;)

Vickie said...

I really am getting tired of Amber--please how many tears can one have and really no reason for them--those type of people just get on my nerves---

I loved it when Dick poured his tea on Jen---it is my highlight so far I think.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I need to start watching BB..never really got into it, but then again do I really need to be addicted to another show? I mean. American Idol will be back on soon enough...

enjoy the weekend~

Canadian flake said...

burfica - I would share the happy juice but the gremlins drank it

Jeff - welcome to flakeland. I wouldn't mind the scary storms either if the gnome and gremlins weren't such a bunch of wimps about it

hammer - if I were American, I think I would hold Gore responsible for a heck of a lot more than the

Sunshine - omgggggg that Amber is such a cry wild is that.

jamie - "Amber is driving me nuts in the chat rooms they call her Waaamber.." omg tooooo who won HOH..huh?? huh?? dooooo tell.

corky - no worries I still love ya...after all I was a trekkie WAY before I was a BB stalker..lmao.

vickie - I think a LOT of people are cheering for Dick now...simply because he is so good at going after Jen in the way we all wish we could.

P S Savant - Omg you have NO idea what you are missing with BB....I have loved Idol in the past but I sorta lost interest when Taylor beat Katherine...I didn't think he deserved it and that lost my attention..lmao.