Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Happy Tuesday ev1. I hope you are all having a great day. I have been tagged for 2 different memes so I thought I would "kill 2 birds with 1 stone"..so to speak...lol.

Meme #1 - The middle name meme

I was tagged with this meme by Jamie. It made me giggle because I really HATE my middle name and won't even tell people in real life what it is....but since I love y'all so much I decided to share it here...lol.

Here are the rules:
1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.
2. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts.
4. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Energy - there never seems to be enough,that bugs me.
Love- really....is there anything more important to have?
Laughter - hearing the gremlins or gnome laugh can brighten even the darkest day. I loveeeee a good tickle fight..lol.
Enlightenment - in my eyes, this is different than intelligence because you have to have an open mind to be enlightened about life and it's ups and downs. I think this is an important and admiral quality.
Niceness - no one I work with is nice...but I still try to be.

There ya have it....man I hate that name...lmao.

Meme #2 - I have been tagged by Biddie... the tag is to list 8 random facts about me or my habits. The question is..can I think of 8 that aren't too dorky? Here it goes.....

1) I spent 20 years working in the field of retail. I have been loved and hated by many customers...luckily more have loved me than hated me.

2) Retail was good training for my current profession. I do market research and even though I do NOT sell anything, people like to threaten and swear at me which just rolls off my back..lol. (please don't hate me Dorky dad..lmao).

3) I am a fraternal twin. We are both female and my mom always said together we made the perfect person. We are 2 sides of the same coin. We used to be close but we no longer speak.

4)I am a badge-aholic. Anyone who plays pogo knows what I mean...and if ya don't, you are missing out baby...lmao.

5)I have a cat named Boots who I love almost as much as my gremlins. She is 17 yrs old and won't be with us much longer I fear...but I love her every day.

6) Ever since I was little, I have had the worst habit of biting my nails...I have never been able to stop, no matter how hard I tried.

7) I would consider myself a music "nut"..music was my salvation from a hellish home life when I was growing up and few things give me more peace and serenity.

8) I am a sucker for a happy mushy ending...I guess because I haven't had too many of those in my life..lol.

There ya have it folks....

For either or both meme's I tag : burfica, heartsinglass, corky, and whoever else would like to do it. Have a great week all.

As always, to be continued....................


Hammer said...

I'm all about the happy ending,>>>>nail biter too.

Sorry to hear about the sister. Sucks how things get bad like that.

Biddie said...

That sucks about your sister. I don't speak to most of my sibs (various reasons), but twins have a special connection.
I have an ipod that I SWEAR has saved the life of many an annoying person since it was given to me a couple of months ago. With music, I can forget anything.
I personaly like the name Ellen. It sure as heck beats BRIDGET. Yuck :(

Burfica said...

my mothers middle name was Elaine. so close. hehehehe

I will have to think now, ahhhhhhh give me a day or so. You know tomorrow being badge day and the big "getting older day" I won't be blogging probably.

jAMiE said...

I am a former nail biter...miss it sometimes though..when i'm nervous about tests or something, i want to bite them.

Thank you for playing along!

Canadian flake said...

hammer - nice to know I am not the only nail biter around. Sometimes families can really suck!!!

biddie - I know there have been MANY occasions where music has saved my gremlins lives over the years,,,music soothes the savage beast.

burfica - you bday and badge day...it doesn't get much better than that does it..lol.

Jamie - the nerves tend to increase my nail biting too...how did you quit?

Phoenix5 said...

You didn't tag me? :'-(

I think your middle name is nice. Were you named after someone? Usually, if you are carrying a name in honour of someone, it can make an otherwise unpalatable name bearable. Especially if that someone is someone special in your life. Some parents overdo it though, and give their kids a regular truckload of middle names. Or there is the opposite extreme, and be like the one family I know in which all their boys are named with variations of their father's name: John David, David Johnathon, Johnathon David... I kid you not! LOL!

Canadian flake said...

phoenix - consider yourself tagged baby. Honestly I always feel bad tagging anyone because I worry I will be bugging someone...lol.

Phoenix5 said...

Never fear about "bugging me, Flake! SOmetimes, I need the "kick-in-the-pants" kind of challenge to force myself to post again.. I'm so lazy when it comes to writing...

Thanks :-D