Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Today, I would like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestest buddy burfica. We have been online buddies for over a year now. I love this gal with all my heart and can always count on her for a smartass answer when the chips are down. More times than I can count, that lady has been here to make me giggle when I was on my last nerve or ready to lose it .

Happy Birthday sweetie. I wish you all the best and many more birthdays to come. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Now to the reason why I can't sleep and I am up at 4:30am ish.

Y'all are NEVER gonna believe what happened last night. I was on my break from work and trying to get the gremlins something to eat so they wouldn't die of starvation (yeah right whateverrrrrr). The gnome was hungry and warmed himself up some hotdogs . I had just gotten rid of the gremlins so I could go back to work,when the gnome came flying out into the kitchen. It was VERY obvious that something was seriously wrong and it took me about 2 seconds to realize that he was, infact, choking. Not that sorta "coughing, can't catch your breathe because something went down the wrong way"choking. The man couldn't breathe and was turning blue. Without even thinking what I was doing, I told him to stand still. I grabbed him and actually gave him the hymlic maneuver (not spelled right..sorry). He made a funny noise but it didn't completely work so after another few seconds, I tried it again. Well sure as shit, he spit out a big hunk of hotdog and started to breathe again.

After I made sure he was ok and didn't need to go to the ER, I lost it and started crying. Thank god I didn't have long left in my shift because I was falling apart. I just kept thinking...omggggggg I could have lost him. If it hadn't of worked, he might have died right there in my arms.....

I should mention at this point, that I have NOT had training in this procedure....I just saw it done on TV but wow, it worked. I have always been this way for some reason, when emergency strikes or something really bad happens ,right away this calm comes over me and I take charge. I keep it together and run on auto pilot until the emergency passes then I totally fall apart...not sure if that is a good thing or

Now I am feeling guilty. We had such a bad weekend. I was so frustrated and upset with him that at one point I was tempted to cause him serious bodily harm myself...but I would never actually want anything to happen to him.

I LOVE this gnome with all the love my heart has to offer...of that there is NO doubt. He is my soul mate...even though he does make me wanna cut off his penis with a rusty spoon from time to time...lmao.

I told him to cut it out and NEVER scare me like that again...that it IS his job to outlive he best smarten up....lmao.

As always, to be continued (thank GOD)..............


Anonymous said...

EEEYIkes. Glad he's okay.

I'm gonna go send love to Burfica now...

Hammer said...

Wow quick thinking! Most choking victims don't seek help I'm so glad you were there.

captain corky said...

I think I know how to do it from watching the SuperFriends. But great job saving his life! You're my hero. ;)

Biddie said...

Wow! You ARE a hero!
BTW, It's called the J-thrust now, because the Heimlich(?) family wanted money for using their name. It's true. So now we don't have worry about the spelling!
That's amazing, though, really. I can keep a cool head in emergencies, as long as my kids aren't involved. I have had First Aid training, and I bet that I would have lost my nerve, my mind, and my training if my kids or my Hubby would have been choking. You rock.

Burfica said...

thank you so much my friend for the birthday wishes!!!! Your the bestest estes budd too. (hehehe I typed butt on accident but fixed it to budd)

I'm like you, I keep my calm and do what needs to be done, then I fall apart.

When Kiddo was 2 1/2 he choked on a gumball, turned blue, the backblows weren't working. Gigantor grabbed him and had to do the hymlic for about 7 or 8 tries. Then we took him to the doctor anyway.

Burfica said...

Oh p.s. I'm glad the gnome is okay and you were there to save the day. Tell him he has to get you a cape now. heheheh

Anonymous said...

Oh thank God your man is okay. No more hot dogs for him. And you, my dear, are amazing. Kept your cool until it was over. Good work.

Something like this certainly puts things into perspective.

Vickie said...

Hello Ms. Canadian---I have been away for a few days and am just getting the chance to catch up here. I have missed my visits---

Happy Birthday to your nice friend Burfica, my this day be special and this year one of her best.

WOW---Glad your gnome is fine---that was quick thinking on your part---Heck I'm a RN but when things come to family members I panic and forget everything I know.

Glad you were no longer so angry with him---LOL or you just might not have taken action---remind him often of what you did.

Take care and enjoy life.

Canadian flake said...

JJ - me too.. he scared the snot outta me...the devil.

hammer - I am glad I was here too...I didn't know I could even do that but thank god it worked...I need him even when he IS a pain in the

corky - you know you are my super hero...even better than Kirk and that says

biddie - I hardly slept last night because I was so scared...but I am glad I could keep it together when he needed me.

fica- I like that idea...hmmm a RED cape.

babzy- I said the same thing about perspective...I was complaining about stupid stuff on the weekend think I could have lost a scary thought...thank god it worked.

vickie - welcome back. I will be sure to remind him next time he is a jerk that I COULD let him choke on a hot

Phoenix5 said...

Or you COULD tell him to CHEW his food before swallowing.... LOL! That always works!

Way to go, Flake! Now you can add SuperWife to your resume!

As for the name of the manuever you performed... it will always be the Heimlich Maneuver... no matter what that family wants... people are creatures of habit... it would take a HUGE education campaign to change it. Probably be cheaper to pay the family off... lol!

Susan said...

What a frightening moment. When you discribed how you fell apart afterwards, I cried reading that.
I know sometimes our GNOMES can drive us around the bend, but we love the big idiots and instances like this where we come close to loosing them give us a shake up and make us realize how much we do love them. Glad he is ok.
Ill go say hi to Burfica!

MomThatsNuts said...

Praise Jesus!!!! Yes, I am so glad you were there and had a clue what to do!!! I almost choked once and had to give MYSELF the himelick(sp) and it was scarey~! YAY for you....and again Praise Jesus!!!


Palm Springs Savant said...

yikes-o-rama...You are a hero....well done!But oh, that last bit about wanting to cut of his hoosey-what-see...eeewwww

Dorky Dad said...

*SCARY* But you saved his life. That was some excellent, quick thinking. I'd probably be up until 4:30 a.m. too. I'll probably be up that late now just HEARING about your story.

But now that you've saved his life, he is indebted to you. It's in the Code of Honor. Use it to your advantage.

Alekx said...

Good Job girlie.
You did well
However NOW will you go sign up for a basic life saving course. CPR, AED, choking, and basic first aid

Thank you

Canadian flake said...

phoenix - believe me he HAS been given a lecture about being more

susan - you are sure did remind me how much I love the big goof...and how much I need him in my life.

mom - you said it!! I surely have said about a hundred prayers of thanks. I honestly believe he had an angel looking over his shoulder because I did reacted even though I didn't really know how to do it.Thank god it worked.

PS Savant - no worries ...I have threatened to cut off his "hoosey-what-see" before...but I like it too much..lmao.

DD - it WAS scary...but I like him being indebted to me now...hee hee

alekx - yeah yeah yeah..lmao.

jAMiE said...

Way to go Flake, you are a hero, indeed! Well done!!!