Saturday, August 18, 2007


Happy Saturday to all...

First let me invite you all to stop by and visit Susan. I read her post from yesterday and I am STILL laughing about it. Maybe I have a sick sense of humour giggling about this post...but I can't seem to help myself. Stop in and have a giggle...then tell her it is my fault you are laughing at her

The inspiration for this post comes from 2 of my favourite blogs. Every Saturday, palm springs savant does "The Saturday Seven"( I have linked him here because his blog is a really good read). Today, I have decided to borrow this idea. I actually got the idea from Corky (who I loveeeee BTW even though he isn't a BB fan). In honour of him, I post the following:


1) James Tiberius Kirk : What kind of trekkie would I be without putting this man on the top of my list. This man could lead his crew into battle,never lose his cool no matter how badly they were outnumbered...and his hair always looked perfect even when he was fighting some lizard guy or 5 romulans.

2) Spock - I think Spock is the ultimate in side kicks. Tonto and Robin aint got nothing on Spock. Just when ya think Kirk was in deep trouble, there was Spock there with his Vulcan "nerve pinch" or "death grip" to knock out the bad guys. I don't think I have ever cried as much at a movie as I did in Star Trek 2 when spock died at the end. I have seen that movie probably 50 times and I STILL cry when he

3) William Ryker - This character was also a pretty darn good sidekick while always being HOT!!(one of the few men I liked better with a beard). He was loyal and brave and even when given remarkable powers by Q, he still always did the right thing in the end. Being the hopeless romantic I am, I was so happy that he got together with Dianna Troy in the end and they got married... sucker for a happy ending here.

4) Kathryn Janeway - I loved this woman right from the start. Of course, how can I help but cheer for the first female Captain in a star trek series. She never let being a woman hold her back, but she wasn't a she-man either. She was strong , yet femine. Of all the enterprise captains, I think she reminds me the most of Kirk. Ready to kick ass and take no prisoners when necessary but still willing to try to talk it out and make friends when possible.

5) Seven of nine - This gal is on my list because when I think of her, I think of possibilities. She came from the collective and through the seasons, evolved into a character I routed for. She was willing to fight for a cause but still didn't take anyone's shit. It is sorta funny to see Jeri Ryan on "Shark" me, she will always be seven of nine.

6) Jean Luc Picard - I have to say he was probably my least favourite "captain". He was a little too stiff at times for me. My favourite episode was when he was assimilated and the crew had to rescue him.

7) Commander Chakotay - I liked this guy from the start (again maybe because he was a sexy Being the mush I am, I loved the chemistry between him and Janeway. My favourite episode was the one where they were stranded on a planet due to a virus they had picked up there. They were forced to make a life together all alone....and of course the sparks flew. They were rescued just in the nick of true Star Trek fashion.

Well Corky, what do ya think?? I am sure you are the only one who made it all the way through my list...I look forward to hearing your top 7 favs....hope you will take the challenge (just so ya know it is hard to only pic


As always, to be continued..........


Burfica said...

OMG I so love Star Trek. I love most sci fi things. I've watched them all, including Deep Space Nine, (which I liked the least) and Enterprise. (hotest vulcan woman ever)

I like it. I would do it, but I still can't figure out the dam picture thing, need you to walk me through it or something. hehehehe

captain corky said...

Great list Flake!!!

1. I obviously worship Kirk and he is my all time favorite Sci-Fi/Comic book/ fantasy character ever. He represents the ideal human being to me. Even if he's a bit sexist and arrogent. LOL

2. Spock is number 2 for me, but it could just as easily be Bones. The interaction and chemistry between these three characters is undeniably brilliant. I also like when Spock points out how screwed up the human race is. That always makes me laugh.

3. Bones is great. The introduction of his character turned Star Trek into the masterpiece it became. He was the missing piece.

4. I'm a whore for captains so Picard is my next favorite. He was kind of stiff in the show, but in the movies he was a bit more Kirk like and even admits at the end the last Star Trek movie that he should have been more like Kirk as a captain, in not so many words of course.

5. Next I like Worf. I would love to have a guy like Worf ready to kill for me at any moment. I also like his son.

6. Data's a pretty cool character. A bit of freak, but I like him anyway.

7. Pavel Andreievich Chekov. Why Chekov? Why not Chekov.

Honorable mentions go to Beverly Crusher and Chakotay

What a fun list!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Oh great post!!! I was always a big fan of Counselor Deanna Troy and of course, Data. I miss Next Gen.

Biddie said...

OMG. No you are feeding Corky's ego? Will it never end? AHHHH!

I am not a huge Trekkie, but my x(#2)used to watch it, so I can watch it now and again. I think that I like Warf, too. Ready to kill at any moment? Who wouldn't love that? As for his son, I could never get over the fact that he was played by Brian Bonsall, who was on - crap - brain fart...Family Ties. I always saw little Andrew.
I did actually a couple of DS9 episodes that were really good. Still, I'm more of a Sliders fan :)

jAMiE said...

My turn to feel left out Corky...i am not a Trekkie...on to your next post!

captain corky said...

Canadian Flake has impeccable taste Biddie, don't you think so?

Phoenix5 said...

YAY! A post about a TV show I actually watched! LOL! I got to the very end of your post too, Flake!

I liked all the characters mentioned so far, plus a few more.

I liked Data (I know, already mentioned, but...), especially during "First Contact" when he just simply turned off his emotion chip. I thought that was hilarious!

I liked B'Lanna Torres in Voyager. She was such a hothead, but at the same time a total brainiac! I like brainy, yet sexy

I also liked The Doctor in Voyager. At first he irritated the life out of me, but he grew on me. By the end of the show, I wasn't at all upset when they dedicated a number of episodes to him.

And to round out my list of favourite characters not mentioned yet, even though I didn't care for DS9 so much, Jadzia Dax made my heart go pitter, patter, THUMP! everytime I saw her. Now there is a very pretty lady!

Oh yeah, Burfica? I have to agree with you. I think T'Pol shoulda been Romulan... and not a stuffy Vulcan... man, she smoked my TV screen every episode! LOL!

Thanks Flake! :-)

summershine said...

I love Star Trek! This was a great list. I had a huge crush on Captain Kirk and later Commander Ryker.
I definitely would have put Q up there. The suggestive romance (on his part) with he and Janeway always cracked me up, and any episodes in which he showed up were always fun.

MomThatsNuts said...

oh crap I have to make a confession. I went to a star trek convention here in phoenix a couple years ago. We saw many of the stars and really had a pretty good time. SHHHHHH dont tell