Thursday, July 12, 2007


Yes, I am thanking God it is Thursday for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason is that in a few short hours I will be done work for the week and I can NOT wait..wooooooooohoooooo. This week has been one of those that makes me question my sanity about keeping this job. I go over it in my mind at times like this. I should be grateful that for the first time in my life I have a job where I can take weekends off....that part is GREAT....but after being called a c*nt or told to fuck off for the 20th time this week, I start to question the trade-off I have made. Anyway, I have almost survived another week, so that is good.

Another reason for celebration is that it is eviction night in the BB house. I think they screwed up this week by not putting up that Jenn . She is a TOTAL nutcase and needs a good smack upside the head (in my opinion). I will say however she does give us all something to shake our head about...lmao.

So tonight is the first eviction night. If I had my pick, I would like to see Jenn or Jessica go. I ask all the diehard BB fans out there....doesn't Jessica remind you of Holly from a few seasons ago? I think they could be sisters...lmao.

My pick for tonight's eviction is Amber. I would like to see Carol go because I don't think she is playing the game with her head. Also, Amber is a mom that actually needs the money for someone other than herself. I am not sure I like Amber but I tend to cheer for the "moms"...can't help it ,I guess it's the mom in me...lmao.

We shall see soon enough what happens...I always look forward to eviction Maybe because it is summer and there is nothing else to watch on TV after a long night at work.

It isn't all bad, the sun has come out and the sky is nice and blue. Maybe that is a good omen. The weather forcast for the next week has also improved so maybe that means we might get to go camping...lets hope so .

Happy Thursday to all...

As always, to be continued.........


Laurie said...

I had no idea that you worked as a saint! Good for you!

Dorky Dad said...

I promise that when I comment on your post I will call you neither a c-word or even say the f-bomb. And you can take that promise to the bank.

I assume that "BB" means "big brother." For a moment there I thought you were cherishing the eviction of a neighbor.

Miranda said...

Enjoy your weekend!!...if the weathers anything like here, stay cool, lol.

Canadian flake said...

laurie - I said NOTHING about being a saint...but no matter how rude they are, I NEVER call people a c*nt or tell them to f-off. Too bad not everyone can have manners like that.

dorky dad - thanks for not calling me It IS appreciated.

Miranda - it is supposed to be a scorcher here this weekend...but not as bad as fica in Arizona at least..roflmao.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend...I'll be in Washington DC...still traveling!