Tuesday, July 10, 2007


OKKKK I have to ask...and I think I have asked this before...am I the only one that sometimes has the impulse to run away??? I mean it is a million degrees here right now and because of my work conditions, I have to have the windows closed while I work (which doesn't really cool things off....lmao).

It is summer vacation here and I have to admit the gremlins have been pretty good for the most part but today they started the ol "we're boreddddddddd Mom".. usually when I hear that I wanna smack them into tomorrow but this year it makes me feel guilt ,not anger. It was most certainly not their fault we had to move to this "hell on earth" town....and there is NOTHING to do here so we are all climbing the walls all day, then I get to work all night...which means not only are they bored but they HAVE to be quiet so I don't get fired!!! School doesn't start for another 8 weeks and I am not sure we will all make it out alive..lmao( or sane...yeah yeah I hear ya fica...*snork @ sane)

Next week the gnome is on holidays so hopefully we will have some fun and NOT spend the whole week fighting. I love that gnome more than life itself but sometimes I could smear honey on him and let some fireants at him...lmao. OK OK I admit he has to live with me and that is NO picnic...hee hee hee.

We hope to go camping if it doesn't rain. I will try to remember my digital camera and take some pics to post. I am really looking forward to it so I hope we get to go. Unlike the gnome, I don't get paid holidays so I will be working Mon and Tues nights so I don't lose the entire week of pay. I am soooooo looking forward to having those 5 days off....can't wait..woooooohooooooo.

Ok that is enough whining and ranting....I am gonna get back to my sweating now...lmao.

Have a great Tuesday all...to the badge addicts out there like me...enjoy badge day tomorrow...woooooooohoooooo.


Phoenix5 said...

I wanna run away all the time! Why I don't, is really beyond me! Someday I'll figure it out.

Try to stay as cool as you can, my friend! And give your gremlins chores to do next time they start whining about being bored! My mom did that to me, and boy, is it a powerful cure! LMAO! They'll be so busy trying to find something to do to avoid those chores they won't have time to be bored!

Hope you have a good "vacation" next week! We're still trying to figure out IF we're going to do something this year, and even more important, IF we can afford to :-(.

Take care and have a good week!

Hammer said...

Kids are climbing the walls here too. Not much to do in this heat.

Hope you find some diversion!

Burfica said...

oH man I don't take to kids going "i'm booooorrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeddddddd" I'm with Phoenix, he says it once, I give him a list of what he can do. Read, play with toys, do a craft, color, read, whatever. He says it again, that's one chore, if he says it again, it's a chore each time he says it. Some days I get my house cleaned. hehehehe

We won't be doing a vacation this year. Gigantor took a couple days off when Alekx and the House elf were here. But most his time off is around his hunting trip. Oh well, no fun for me.

Alekx said...

However I want them to come out to Texas next year. hehehe

And while camping smear honey on all of them and let them play with the bears

They won't be bored anymore

Miranda said...

lol Alekx...You're a sick puppy. lol

I remember the 'we're bored' days. I'd like to say that that ends, but I still get that with Kat, when she's not out with her friends or busy doing other things.

Canadian flake said...

phoenix - it is a great idea in theory, but if I do that they are under foot, as we have a small house. Often that just makes things worse..lmao.

hammer - I hear ya on the heat...man oh man what I would give for a pool..lmao.

fica- this is the first time in almost 3 yrs we have gone anywhere but if the weather doesn't smarten up I think we will miss out. Not gonna camp in the rain..lol.

alekx - interesting thought but I don't "do" bears..lmao.

miranda - I had hope that they would grow out of it. guess not eh?

Brillig said...

Um... enjoy the sweating, then!

I love the smearing honey on your honey idea... I think it's worth considering--as long as you then post pics on your blog for us.

Biddie said...

I feel like running away ALL of the time...SIGH..
My kids are basically just hanging around the house making each other crazy. Thank goodness for the Tim Hortons free swims...at least that gets them out of the house...
Have fun camping.
Instead of honey, try chocolate sauce, tho. :)

captain corky said...

Get lots of pics if you go camping.

I love camping pics. Just checking in while I have a few. 8 more days in the hospital but all is good.

Mari said...

i think all the time about getting in the car and just going, driving a long long time or until i run out of gas. Then i hope i have lots of means to buy some more and just keep on driving. I picture myself going due south with the top down laughing and waving with my beautiful long blond tresses blowing gracefully in the breeze and my gorgeous tan growing ever more bronzier but hey, i havent even got a convertible.
Then i realise that means the further south i go the hotter its going to get! Then i think ok, maybe its not so bad here after all. Get everyone into the old sedan and head on over to the park.

Canadian flake said...

brillig- the honey was for the gremlins not the gnome..roflmao.

biddie- wish we had free swims here. We have a public pool outdoors that isn't bad but it is VERY expensive.hee hee @ chocolate sauce...now THAT I might save for the gnome...roflmao.

corky - glad to hear all is going well with JR. Looking forward to seeing lots of pics of him and hearing about your sleep deprivation..lol.

mari- welcome. I have similar dreams often..lol. I would head to texas without a doubt.then to see my buddy burfica in Arizona..stop in again soon.