Friday, July 13, 2007


As I said last week, it is my intent to throw in my two cents about Big Brother eviction night each Friday.

Last night was the first eviction night and I think it proved that they made a mistake not putting Jenn up on the block. She is whiny and COMPLETELY irritating and now she is HOH.

I was a bit surprised to see Carol evicted last night. I wanted her to go but I seriously thought they would kick out Amber. Honestly I don't think Amber is much better than Jenn. I mean all she has done is cry all week, since they nominated her for eviction. She needs someone to remind her that it IS a game and she knew what she was getting in to when she signed on for this gig. She would have to have been living under a rock to not at least have heard of previous Big Brother seasons. More than once this past week, I have wanted to scream and her and tell her to get her ass out of her head...ok dingdong you are nominated...instead of crying start PLAYING...duhhhhhhh.

Am I the only one that thinks this "america's player" thing is a bad idea?? Sure it is funny at the beginning....but don't ya think it might bite him in the ass when they are down to 6 players , there is a majority about who to evict and he goes against the group because America wants to evict someone else?? Doesn't sound like a successful way to play the game...I guess we will see how it pans

Well I am looking forward to seeing who Ms WhinyPants nominates on Sunday. Any wagers one of them will be Dick?? lol. Stay tuned sports fans....

As always, to be continued.............


Burfica said...

well at least I'm here commenting.

I missed big brother when I was in Texas and just haven't gotten back into it. I watched tons of reality shows, and now I'm even getting sick of my two favorites. Survivor and Amazing Race. I think they all need to end for a while, and take me to non reality world.

captain corky said...

I've never seen it. But I just love to see my name in print. ;)

Phoenix5 said...

I've never been a fan of Big Brother, or any reality TV program, actually. Amazing Race is ok to watch, when the teams aren't whining and bitching at each other, that is!

Some of the "talent" shows are fun to watch.. I've been getting a kick out of "America's Got Talent" this summer... Sharon is such a sweetheart... too bad she had to be married to that goofus Ozzy! LMAO! Now there's a perfect example of what all that "sex, drugs 'n' rock 'n' roll" will do to a person!

Here's hoping your weekend is great and your "vacation" week is even better!

Susan said...

I rarely watch TV so I haven't seen BB. But it must be popular as I hear everyone at work and on the blogs talking about it. Glad you enjoy it!
I hope those gremlins are keeping occupied. When my kids were little, they learned to find ways to keep occupied. They knew that anyone who complained they were board, got chores to keep them busy!