Sunday, July 1, 2007


Happy Birthday Canada, ya don't look a day over 100 girlfriend...lmao.

Today is our country's birthday so there will be the normal festivities going on. The gremlins are excited because they are going to be in the town parade today. The gnome's work decided to enter a float this year so the gnome and gremlins are going to be on it. My job is to stand on the sidelines and cheer loudly as they go by. I have promised to take lots of pictures and if any of them are worth seeing, I will post a few of them here....although I wouldn't hold your breathe, I am not a very good photographer.

Some of the other events of the weekend have included a trip to the nearest drive-in last night. I have been trying to keep the gremlins entertained this weekend because they were SUPPOSED to be gone with their FH father (for the new readers fh=fuckhead). Of course, the loser has let them down again, but that is another

So the movie we saw last night was Evan Almighty. I thought it looked pretty stupid but it was actually pretty good and we all enjoyed it. The second movie was called Knocked Up. It was a comedy rated A so we thought it would be ok for the gremlins too. What I saw of it was ok, but I tell ya I had a bit of a giggle when the 2 main characters started having sex and it didn't leave a whole lot to the imagination...lmao.

I have talked to both gremlins about sex. I have talked to #1 about it quite a bit (since she is 15) thinking that if I talk about it now, she will be able to come to me when SHE needs to talk about it...I hope so anyway. But it is different to be watching it happen with them sitting there and #2 going ewwww grosssssss Mom..lmaoooo.

Anyway, it was shortly after that the Gnome suggested we just leave and go home. I wanted to stay, thinking it would get better but I think it was making him uncomfortable. I didn't suggest staying because the drive home was about 90 minutes and I knew he was getting tired. We were all still glad we went, the first movie was worth the trip.

We are hoping to go to a pool that isn't too far away for a swim tomorrow. I have missed swimming but we don't get to go very often because it is VERY expensive and we simply can't afford it. But again, we are trying to give the gremlins things to look forward to, mostly to save my

We haven't even finished the first full week of summer vacation...will my sanity make it?? The jury is still out on that one...lmao.

Have a great Sunday all..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA...

As always, to be continued.............................


captain corky said...

Have a great Canada Day!!! I saw both movies, and we loved Knocked Up.

Phoenix5 said...

HAPPY CANADA DAY to you too, my friend! Enjoy your weekend!

Biddie said...

Happy Canada Day!
We don't have a car, so the drive in out for us, sadly. The last movie that we saw at the drive was the last Austin Powers movie. I fell asleep.
We did have a bbq last night, and then we lit some fire works. I thought that poor little dog was going to have a stroke! LOL!
Have fun at the parade. I don't think that we one around here...Too bad. I'd go.

Burfica said...

sounds like your having a good time. How can you lose your sanity, when it's been long gone for years?? hehehehee

The 4th is sorta ticking me off, I mean I love the parade and the goings on in the park, then going out to the golf course and packing a picnic dinner and eating it and watching fire works. (gotta do dinner and cake, the 4th was my moms' birthday) But why did the 4th have to fall on badge day this year?? ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Dorko said...

Yea! - A?

Drive-in movies - loved them things back in the day, haven't been to one in years...
Hey! At least you we're watching the action on the big screen with the kids looking on, too, and NOT watching the kids in action in the back seat oblivious to whatever's showing on the big screen or the fact that Mom & Pop have snuck up on 'em! hehehee!

Camplin said...

Yea Canada, I remeber my visit to your great nation. Ah, sigh, I miss it. Wish hope you will wish the USA a happy earily birthday too.

Brillig said...

Awww, Happy Canada Day! (yes, I know I'm a day late, but Happy Happy anyway. hahaha)

Monica said...

Happy Canada day late. I'm really enjoying starting to get to know other blogs through Melody Ann.

Bruce Almighty was great so I was hoping Evan Almighty would be, too. I think we'll end up seeing it.

Have a great day. :)

Dorky Dad said...

It's Canada's birthday? Do we get cake? I'm all about cake.

Hammer said...

Oh damn, I'm not looking foward to the sex discussion. You are braver than me.