Wednesday, June 27, 2007


this is a meme of sorts that I read on sunshine's blog. I thought it was cool so I asked her for a letter so I could do it also. The challenge is a simple one : you are given a letter and you list your 10 favourite things starting with that letter. I have put alot of thought into my list so here it is. Hope it doesn't sound

1) TRUST : This is definitely at the top of my list. I have been abused, lied to and mistreated by people in my life that were supposed to love and protect me so trust is a biggy for me and not easily earned by me.

2) TALKING : This may seem like an odd addition,but the last year has really reminded me how important it is to be able to express your emotions and thoughts. I have spent this past year alone and isolated in a town with no friends and only the gnome and gremlins for family. For me, it has not been an easy experience and more than once, the TELEPHONE has gotten me through a rough day.

3) THUNDERSTORMS : I love a good thunderstorm. As long as the gnome and gremlins are safe, I am happy to sit back and just watch the storm. I love the smell of rain and find it relaxing. I just sit and watch the storm wear itself out and move on.

4) TELEVISION: This dear godsend has saved the lives of the gremlins more than once. Being a single mom for 8 years, if I hadn't had Barney for them to watch I would have had to flush them down the Some of my favourite shows are Survivor,Dog the Bounty Hunter, ER and omggggg I can't wait for the new season of Big Brother to start..woooooohooo.

5) TAKEOUT FOOD: really what list of favourites would be complete without some junkfood on In my case, this would include tacos and toasted BLT sandwiches. My favourite would be a taco salad from Wendy's. (Actually it is a burger from Harveys but that didn't start with T ..lmao)

6) TALENT : I think people who have a special talent are very lucky. I am one of those people who are an "ordinary joe" at everything I do, not talented at any one thing. I think being a good and patient parent is a talent but that surely isn't me. I love my gremlins more than life itself, but I really should be more patient with them.

7) TEASING : Ok I am admit, this is sort of an "R" rated addition but come onnnnnn...when done properly, this can be very nice (hee hee hee). The gnome is a very talented 5 pin bowler. I know that isn't big down there in the states . When I watch his TAILEND as he bowls, well...whewwwwwww enough said..lmao. I make NO secret to him how much I enjoy and appreciate the view..lmao.

8) TUNES : Music has always been an important part of my life. It literally kept me sane thoughout the hell that was my childhood. I have tried to pass along this love of "tunes" to my gremlins and have sang to them from the day they were born. Of course, there is the other kind of tunes, as in LOONEY tunes. This one is oddly fitting for my household..roflmao.

9) TAFFY : When I was young, in the winter we would go to this place not too far from home. The people there would take sap that was hot and really sweet and pour it over the snow. As it cooled and solidified, we would pull it ( like a big tug of war). It was sticky and gooey and ohhhh so good. As an added bonus, it was one of the few times we could play with our food and not get yelled at..lmao.

10) TEA : My list is completed with a nice hot cup of tea. I find it soothing and almost medicinal. I love to sit and sip a cup of tea after a stressful shift at work. Of course, there are better stress relievers but I can have the tea without worrying about what the gremlins are up to..hee hee hee.

Well there ya have list of T favourites. I hope this wasn't too boring for you to read. If anyone wants a tag for this, just let me know and I will send you a letter. I will look forward to reading them too.
Have a great Wednesday everyone

As always, to be continued..................


Burfica said...

OooOoO me me me me *waves hand in the air* that one sounds like fun.

when you said teasing I thought it was going in the direction of you being a smart ass, but no, it was X rated. lmaoooooooo

Brillig said...

Love all the T's (and particularly the tease!) Fun list!

Sunshine said...

You were much deeper with your list! Very good job...I like the path you took with the things you chose!

Dorky Dad said...

Oh yeah, I think that most nonparents think "my kid will never watch TV" until, of course, they have kids. Then the TV becomes a Godsend.

Phoenix5 said...

Ok, I'll bite, send me a letter please!

I like your list. You have some very profound statements! And as for talent, never, EVER sell yourself short, my friend! Talent can lie dormant until a spark ignites it, and sparks can land at any time, any where in life!

Susan said...

great list. These memes take alot of thought and can stimulate us to actually think of possitive, simple pleasures of life.
T was a good letter for you. It could be a challenge to do the whole alphabet!
Loved the duck scam post!

captain corky said...

Wednesday? But today is Thursday with a capital T. Great list! I enjoy a nice cup of Tea too. Especially in the winter time.

Biddie said...

I would add Tim Hortons to the T list.. Just saying...

Miranda said...

Lol...great list..Im with biddie, mine would be a Timmy Ho's ice cap mmmmm

Zibi said...

I can relate to some of those points. ... Have a good weekend.

MomThatsNuts said...

Ahhh so cool, Burf tagged me with this one last year sometime and she gave me some stupid letter like mean how many times can you say EXCELLENT and EXCELS AT EVERYTHING...hehehehe

Glad to see you having some fun again, the last couple posts have been serious, not that life isnt serious, sometimes life just flat SUCKS...


Alekx said...

10 things would kill me. I can't count that high. LOL
Great to read about you some more.
As far as talent, you may think your are ordinary joe but I guarantee out there are people who say GAWD I wish I could do "insert whatever" like Flake does.
Believe me it's there.

Canadian flake said...

burfica - look forward to seeing the list with the letter I gave

brillig- thanks glad ya liked my list.

sunshine - sometimes I think I take this meme's to heart too much. Glad ya liked the list though and thx for the letter.

DD - omg yes TV HAS saved my gremlins' lives. Especially my youngest with ADHD.

phoenix - thx for the kind words. Gonna go to your blog and give you a letter.

Susan - glad ya liked it.

Corky - it was Wed when I did the list. Guess I should have waited 1 more day to get it in on

biddie - OMG YESSSSSSS...Tim Hortons is a given...the best Tea around for sure..lmao.

miranda - me

zibi - glad u can relate. Have a great weekend too.

mom - sorry if things have been too serious lately. Glad I could lighten things up a bit. I do appreciate you reading my blog and enjoy yours daily for sure.

Alekx - thanks for the kind words. As far as counting to 10...that is why God gave you 10 fingers isn't it? LMAOOOO.