Monday, June 4, 2007


It was a nice weekend here for the most part but busyyyyyyyyyy. My 2 gremlins were gone for the weekend with their loser good-for-nothing idiot father so the gnome and I had some alone time. Not that I don't LOVE being alone with the gnome,because I do, but it is hard to relax and enjoy myself when I am worrying the whole time if my babies are ok...if he is hurting them...will this be the time he looses it and does serious damage. Anyway that is another

We tried to make good use of our time. The Gnome is really good at understanding when I need distraction so we had a weekend full of "playing". I managed to re-injure my hernia on Friday so that limited what we could do, but we managed to sneak in some activities (and a bit of adult "fun" too)..lmao.

On Saturday,we decided to go out to dinner and a movie. Dinner was ok, nothing to write home about. Then we went to see a new movie called Georgia Rule. The gnome knew I really wanted to go see it, so he humoured me. The trailors all made it look like a comedy to me but it was FAR from funny. I was stunned at the story line of the movie but I still enjoyed it.

Sunday we went to the local casino for their sunday brunch and of course , we had to stop and check out the slots!! We haven't been to the casino in months. Our rule is that we only take $20 to share, once that is gone, so are we. We only play the nickel slots so that keeps us going for a little while. Safe to say, we made away with our $20 back and $1.65 profit. Wooooooohoooooooo last of the big time spenders eh?? lol.

Well, the gremlins made it home safely thank god. They were only home an hour and the youngest was being a shithead as always. Nice to know some things never change..lmao.

As always, to be continued......


Laurie said...

lmbo about the casino. hope the kids are alright. hope the hernia is ok. sounds super painful!

Anonymous said...

S'all good when they start being shitheads right away...Makes you know it was all normal with the "loser father"....I love that that's what you call him by the way...

And nice to meet you too.

Phoenix5 said...

It must be tough to have to worry everytime the gremlins are with the LF. Here's hoping he never does anything bad to them!

Congrats on "winning" at the casino! A profit is always a good thing, no matter how small!

Glad you had a good weekend and I hope you have a good week too!

Burfica said...

whenever we go to a casino we play nickle slots too. that is so dang funny. Hours of fun on a few bucks.

thanks for the heads up on the movie. I thought it was a comedy also.