Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I feel the need to educate anyone that might be reading this while venting a bit...after all that is why I got a blog.(venting NOT educating).

I have mentioned before that I started a new job about 3 months ago..and honest to God I DO remind myself nightly to be grateful I HAVE a job..honest I do.

The job that I am doing involves calling people on the phone . At this point, I will state that I, in NO WAY ever ever try to sell anything to anyone, I would never be a telemarketer. But of course, often when I call someone they don't let me get 3 words out and they wanna yell at me that they don't want to listen to my sales pitch (even though there isn't one coming..lmao).

I have more than 20 years experience in the field of retail and this is the first time I can honestly say those years of dealing with every kind of customer you can imagine has toughened me and prepared me for a job. While working the current job, I have been called every dirty word you can think of (including the "c" word on a few memorable

It amazes me how very rude people can be when they have NO idea why I am even calling. I understand that it is their right to not want to be bothered by a stranger on the phone, but come on now hard is it to just say "no thank you" or "I am not interested" and hang up, instead of becoming verbally abusive. As I said, I am a tough old bird but sometimes I want to yell back and say "ya know what jackass? I am just trying to feed my 2 gremlins so give me a break".

At this point, I would have to say that karma is a bitch..because I have surely hung up on strange calls in my day but NEVER have I EVER swore at the person on the other end of a line or called them a "c%$^". (guess my momma raised me

Anyway, for the most part I have reminded myself that it isn't personal and some people are just assholes....but tonight was one of those nights that really made me have to dig in my heels to even finish the shift.

It wasn't bad enough that I had to put up with the normal abuse...oh boss gave me a verbal warning because I was taking too long between calls..I am supposed to only take 2-3 seconds between calls and any longer than that , I am in shit.... I was like fuckkkkkkkkk come But unlike some of the morons I talked to tonight, I managed to hold my tongue.

At first, I used to think that it was ok people were being so cruel because I was calling their home...but now I think that there IS a way to handle that situation without being a total asswipe to me, when I am only doing a job.

So the next time, someone calls you with an annoying call, try to think of me and at least say NO THANK YOU then hang up if you must. After all, it could be me sitting here just waiting to hear your wonderful
OK end of rant..thanks if you actually managed to read all of this..
As always, to be continued....


Burfica said...

I always say, no thanks, or we aren't interested, or please take me off your list. I have gotten rude 3 times, but that's is after they verbally abuse me first.

I had someone that supposedly was a sheriff cuss me out. Boy after I got his supervisor, and let them all have it. I heard him get reamed in front of everyone. hehehehehe

Canadian flake said...

Yeah if I was being rude, I wouldn't blame someone for cussing at me. But I can assure anyone that asks that is NOT the case for me. Some people are just buttheads I

Burfica said...

yes they are!! And I think I've met almost every one in this town at least. hehehehe

Phoenix5 said...

Like Burfy, I try to be as polite as I can. If the caller is from a company that just doesn't know how to take "No, I'm not interested." as an answer, I ask them nicely to put my name on their Do Not Call List. They always comply and that's the end of it. Only a few times have the callers made me angry enough to raise my voice and speak rather sharply, but I try very hard to refrain from swearing... as you so eloquently pointed out, Flake, they are just doing their job! I just wish that "they" wouldn't call between 5 pm and 7 pm, so we can enjoy our dinner without interruptions, though! Oh yeah, I wish they would all learn how to speak English properly BEFORE they get a job as a telemarketer! LOL!

Unfortunately, what you described here is a symptom of our once polite society crumbling around us. I'm not sure what the answer is, but something has got to be done or we're gonna end up in anarchy!

*End of rant*

Here's hoping your job gets better, Flake!

Vickie said...

I'm sorry for giving you such a difficult time but darn I hate your job and I know you understood after you read my blog and saw what was going on in my life---so please please can I be forgiven and I'll always remember to be nice from now on....Yep I think I will think of you from now on when my phone rings---

I do have a question for you though what if someone was to just hang up on you do you have to call them back? I have thought of doing that a time or two but never done it---just curious.

Hope things will get better for you and thanks for always dropping by and leaving comments.

Miranda said...

Ohhh I couldn't imagine a job like that. I get the calls all the time, 99.9% of the time they are at dinner time. That irks the crap out of me. Then I dont get one call, I seem to get like 3 at once.

Heres a typical call:
Them: Hi, I'd like to give you a free month of newspaper.
Me: Im sorry Im not interested.
Them: May I ask why not?
Me: I dont have time to read the paper.
Them: But its free.
Me: Heavy sigh...Im not interested sorry....bye.(I hang up)

Then the next one comes in:
Them: Hi, I'd like to show you a new product we have on the market.
Me: Sorry not interested.
Them: You dont have to purchase anything, we just want an opinion.
Me: I'm sorry I really dont have time, and Im not interested.
Them: But I dont make any money if I dont book and appointment.
Me: Im sorry but maybe you should get a different job. Bye (hangs up)

Then the all famous:
Them: HI (in that really excited voice) you've just won a free one week cruise.
Me: Sorry not interested.
Them: But its free.
Me: But I bet I have to sit through a 90 min speal on time share, with time AND money I dont have.
Them: But you get a free meal.
Me: (Sighs) Im sorry Im not interested.

By this time I'm a lil aggrevated because then the doorbell rings and its the Jehovah Witnesses or the some other bible thumper. And me being nice I open the door, see the book. Look at them and before they can speak:

Me: I'm sorry Im not interested
Them: But you might find this fascinating.
Me: Um...(lil smile) no I dont think you can save me....Im gay.
(they're mouths drop open)
Them: ok, well have a nice day.
Me: (big smile) you too. bye.

Lol ....sorry...its not that I dont like the people on the phone, its just that they ALWAYS seem to catch me at dinner time.

Miranda said...

LMAO...sorry for that rant I realized in the time it took me to type up mine 3 more got in.

Laurie said...

I am always polite to the person on the other end. I just HATE when people on the other end refuse to take NO THANK YOU for an answer.

I do, however, have yet to call anyone a c*&( over the phone. Well at least people I don't know LOL