Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Ok someone pleaseeeeee tell me...is it me or are teenagers sent from another planet to take over the earth by driving adults insane, one parent at a time??? I guess it makes me a bad mother to state...but it IS the God's honest truth that somedays I get my 2 gremlins to bed and I wonder how I got through the day without killing them both and hiding the bodies. ..lol.

As is the case when dealing with any creature...both of my gremlins present their own unique and frustrating ways of getting on my nerves. As I have mentioned more than once, my youngest gremlin has severe ADHD which has made him a real challenge at the best of times. At this point, I will mention that I love that boy with all the love in my heart and then some!! Like every Momma Bear, there is nothing I wouldn't do for that "cub" and I would die for him without even blinking.

That being said...that boy could surely drive me to drink at times. Today was a perfect example...yesterday he was riding his bike and kept riding unsafely up the middle of a very busy road. After a warning from the gnome, his bike was taken and he was told that it would not be returned for at least a week (maybe longer I am thinking). Anyway today he flies in the door after school and asks (without even a hello) if he can go out and ride his bike....I was like whatttttttttt?? LOL.

He then proceeds to stomp and huff and grump like I have just shot his dog which of course just made me want to strangle the life out of him right there..lmao. No worries though...the lil bugger is still breathing and ready to torment me another day...lol.

And then there is my oldest gremlin. I swear I do not even know where to begin with that dear angel. She is 15 and I honestly do remember that it isn't an easy age by any means. But this gremlin of mine feels she has to lie to me (mostly about stupid things) and this really makes me feel hurt and discouraged. I try to make her understand that if she lies to me about little things, how am I supposed to believe her when she says she isn't doing drugs or drinking??? The dumbest part about this all is that often it is over something stupid and I am only mad about the lie, not the offense itself.

It makes me feel bad because I know at least part of it is that she doesn't feel like she can trust me to "keep my cool". I know I have been way too harsh with both gremlins in the past. But I can't undo the past....all I can do it try to do better and hope that somehow I break through and teach her that lying her way through life is NOT the way to live. The problem is that I can't figure out how the hell to do that...makes me just wanna scream sometimes.

Anyway, as I always remind them...even when I am so mad I wanna strangle the life outta them...I still love them without condition or question....and I always will... good thing my love for them is as natural as breathing or they would really be up the creek without a paddle...lmaoooooo.

As always , to be continued..........


Phoenix5 said...

Man, Flake! You have your hands full, that's for sure! Here's what I did when my oldest started lying about little things. It sorta worked, so I hope you can make use of it too.

After discovering my oldest in a number of "fibs" about minor things, I told her that "parents are smarter than you think, we ALWAYS find out the truth!" Then I told her that the punishment for lying was always going to be WAY more severe than for whatever minor infraction she may have committed. I stuck to that rule and things seem to have improved somewhat. I hope that little tidbit helps you too!

All the best, my friend!

Laurie said...

please don't scare me any more.

Burfica said...

I've had to do that with kiddo. That if he tells the truth we might be pissed off a bit and he might get punished, but if he lies, he is gonna get his butt handed to him on a platter!!! hehehehe

Hope they are all not the grumpy green gremlins tomorrow. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Toddlers too, in their own special way...

You scare me. Really. I have so MUCH to look forward to don't I?

By the way, I'm happy you come by my blog! I love that you comment too...Thank you!!!

Canadian flake said...

For all the current and future Mom's I have scared...I truly apologize and I offer these words of wisdom.....Murder IS illegal so make sure, if the time comes, you hide the body very well..lmao.(j/k)

phoenix & fica- believe me I have TRIED again and again to explain to her that the punishment for lying is ALWAYS worse than it would have been for the offense. I have even let her off WAYYYYY too easy once or twice, simply because she confessed instead of lying...yet when the chips are down, she lies. It sure makes me feel like a failure as a Mom!!