Friday, June 22, 2007


Man oh man I am soooooo glad it is Friday. I have worked a few extra hours this week, and although it hasn't been that much more I feel like I am hung over (without the fun of getting

I am sitting at my desk enjoying the last little bit of freedom before the HELL of summer vacation begins. My oldest gremlin has been finished school for a few days, but the youngest one has to go until next Tuesday. I don't get time alone with #1 too often and I have to admit it has been pretty nice. When #2 isn't around to irritate her, she is a pretty nice gremlin to have around. She is even somewhat co operative about helping with housework (as long as I bribe her with computer time..lmao).

I was sitting here wondering what I wanted to post about so I was reading a few blogs. I stumbled across a new blog that I was enjoying immensely. Actually, IT found me because the author checked out my blog . She commented on a post of mine, so I went to check her out(as the good little blog addict I

While reading her blog, she was talking about 2 new kittens her family has adopted from the SPCA. It got me chuckling and thinking about how we came to have our cat. Her family already has a cat that isn't happy about the 2 new additions and that reminded me of the following story:

In the early months of 1990, I was living alone with a cat named Bandit. I loved this animal with all my heart. I was very lonely at the time still trying to deal with , and overcome, the hell I had survived as a teenager. Bandit was my best friend and confident. At night, when I had such terrible flashbacks and nightmares, she would snuggle close, lay by my head and purr like crazy to calm and soothe me until I fell back to sleep. After I came home from a long day at work, she was always there to welcome and love me.
Anyway, on one cold day, I happened to be going out for food. When I walked out of my apartment building, there were these 2 little bundles of fur laying in a snowbank trying to get down and meowing like crazy. I asked some kids playing close by if they owned them, but no one knew where they belonged.
Being the softy I am, I grabbed both kittens and took them inside. I had NO desire for another cat so I didn't know what to do with them. I called my best friend and she came right over. We both fell in love immediately, so she took the male and I , the female. The next day when we took them to the vet, it turns out they had been beaten.
Anyway, I loved her from the start and called her Boots. Unfortunately, it was NOT love at first sight for Bandit. She was mean and nasty to this little bundle. She would hiss and swat whenever she got the chance, and would pounce if Boots came within 10 feet of her. I laugh at this now, but I was really worried. I would have to lock Boots in the bathroom while I went to work, because I honestly thought Bandit might kill her.
As time went on, things settled down and Bandit decided to make friends. They became good company for each other and Bandit even learned to share the bed with Boots. The three of us were the 3 mouseketeers (forgive the bad pun) and we all loved each other greatly.
As life took it's twists and turns,things changed...I met AND married the BIGGEST LOSER to ever walk the face of the earth...had 2 gremlins.. thank GOD got rid of the FHL (fuckhead loser, yes the name fits but that is another Through it all, my 2 dear cats travelled the road of life with us. They even grew to love the gremlins, although they weren't too impressed with them when they were
When I met and started to date the gnome, I was worried about what the gremlins would think of him. It has just been us against the world for 8 yrs and I didn't know how they would adjust. Shortly after we started to date, I invited the gnome over to my house. If the gremlins were gonna hate him, I wanted to know before things went any further. At this point, I will mention that whenever someone comes to our home, Boots runs and hides so no one ever sees her. She still does that to this very day(I think because of the abuse she suffered before we found her). She is very shy and will NOT come out til the person has left. Anyway, that first night, the gnome walks in and I introduce him to the gremlins. They are both quiet and shy, so I send them up to their rooms to watch some TV. I invite the gnome to come sit down. He walks in, sits down on the couch and I will NEVER forget what happened next....there he sits on the couch and Boots comes out from under a chair, hops up on the couch,lays down on the gnome's lap and starts to purr as soon as he pets her. I was like OMFG I can't believe it. It was at this moment that I knew the gnome was a keeper...he had the "boots stamp of approval"
A few years later, Bandit became very ill and I knew she wouldn't be with us much longer. It was a dark day for our family when I took her to the vet. It didn't take much to confirm she had developed diabetes and her kidneys were failing. There were some heroic measures that could have been taken, but they would have been painful with no guarantees of success. Bandit was 17 at the time, so we decided it was best to end her suffering. The next morning we all said good bye and the gnome and I took her to be put down. This was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do so the gnome offered to do it for me. I knew that I had to be the one. That cat had loved and comforted me when I was alone in the world fighting my demons, so she deserved my support now. I held her as the vet went about his task and I held her in my arms as she passed away. I am glad now that I could be there at the end. The following few days were hard ones for the entire family, including Boots. The poor thing sat by the front door meowing in a way that sounded like a baby crying. It was DAYS before she would eat, to the point that I thought I might lose her too, due to her obvious sadness. Thankfully, she came around.
It is funny how things turn out sometimes. Bandit hated Boots when she came to us, and Boots mourned the loss of Bandit as much as the rest of us. To this day, if you ask my gremlins where we got our cats from they will tell you what I always told them ......We got Bandit from the store because Mommy needed someone to love her but God sent Boots to us because HE knew Boots needed US to love her...

have a great Friday all and a blessed weekend...

As always, to be contined....................


Sunshine said...

My hubby (the yeast infection is a dog person who grew up with cats. But he said their most beloved cat was really more like a dog was named Boots. And was the best cat ever until the neighbor lady ran over it.
My college roommmate had a cat that made me break a toe, long story but I think cats can be just as lovable as dogs too, just have to find the right one!
Thanks for visiting today!

Phoenix5 said...

I have to confess, I'm not a cat person! I will tolerate them, but that's about as far as it goes! But I have to tell you this one little story about what happened to me with two cats.

I was 19 at the time and living in Ottawa where I was working for Canada Post in a co-op term during college. I had met a bunch of people in their twenties through the church I visited there and began to "hang out" with them. One girl had these two Persian/Himilayan cats which hated people with a passion! They wouldn't let ANYONE who visited her to touch them. I was fine with that. We all were. One Saturday afternoon, we were all at her apartment and I was sitting in an easy chair, when BOTH cats jumped up on the backrest and draped themselves over my shoulders. So, there I was, with a cat on each shoulder, each purring so loud, I couldn't hear the conversations in the room! I was also getting quite warm under my "live" fur collar, so tried to get the cats to move. Both hissed at me and one actually bit my hand, but they were NOT going to move! Of course everyone else found that incredibly funny! Eventually I had to dump both cats as it was getting time to go. Oh yeah, she (the owner of the cats) didn't seem to hold to your train of thought that whoever gained her cats approval was a keeper! LMAO! In fact, she married a guy who the cats absolutely loathed! Too funny!

Thanks for the touching story today! Have a great weekend!

Burfica said...

That story was so heart warming. I know what you mean. I've loved all my animals, and some, yes I have mourned some more than others. But they are family, that's how I feel.

As to Phoenix's two cat's he had an affair with. Persians are just evil little buggers anyway, they don't like anyone. hehehehe I can say that cuz I owned a black, mostly persian, cat. So...she was a biatch cuz she was female, black and persian. hehehehe She also feel right in love with Gigantor when she met him.

My husband who was raised to HATE cats, cuz his dad is an asshole and tried to raise all his kids that way...but I digress. Anyhow, he never liked them, it's funny how each of our cats has decided that my husband is their "one and only" hehehehe

Alekx said...

Bandit passing made me cry my eyes out.
Three Cats, two dogs and a bird in this house. 2 of the cats are sisters and don't much care of anyone else. they are not lap kitties, but love to be petted on their terms. They However HATE the puppy, who is right now dreaming, doing the dream run and growl.
now I digress

captain corky said...

I really enjoyed that post!

I have two cats. One is named Fonzie and the other is Tinkerbell. Fonzie is very social and acts like a dog. Tinkberll sometimes goes days without being seen. I love both of them very much.

Thanks for the link. I'm going to add yours to the log.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I have one cat...named Owen (pic on my blog) he is a sweet cat but drives us all crazy.

stop by and say hi sometime