Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today was FINALLY the day.....I was so relieved to see it finally come, I just about cried this morning. I have really been struggling health wise for the last month. As I have mentioned before, I was diagnosed last October with type 2 diabetes. It wasn't a huge shock because both of my creators (aka Mom and her asshole..lol) and my brother all have it, along with some other relatives on both sides of my family. I had hoped that it would come later in life, but guess it sucks to be me!!!
Anyway, the doctor took caution and started me on meds immediately but began with a small dose. Last month, my sugars were still not anywhere near under control so doc decided to get aggressive and upped my dosage from 2 pills a day to 5 a day . This is causing some problems with my bowls but nothing I can't suck up and handle. Doc also decided to put me on a pill called an ace inhibitor. This pill was supposed to prevent high blood pressure and protect my kidneys. I am told kidney failure is another biggie for us with "extra sweet" blood..
Well ,let me tell you, I can not remember the last time I have felt so crappy for so long...oh wait...YES I sure as hell can...last time I felt this worn out and tired and nauseous and head-achey was when I was pregnant with the gremlins...at least those two periods in my life produced two beautiful ,lovely children (that have since gone on to torment and torture my mind...but I digress, that is surely another post in itself...lol).
So I went to see the doctor today, armed and ready to do battle. Now I should mention that I do love this doctor. He has been the doc for me and my gremlins since they were born and he has ALWAYS taken great care of me. So much so that even after we moved last year, I chose to drive the hour to see him because in my mind, he is worth it. Both my female creator and the gnome reminded me of that fact, so I wouldn't lose my temper with him today, and I did actually stay calm.
I am happy and grateful to say that after I explained how bad it has been, the doc told me to stop the BP meds immediately. I was so happy to hear that I just about kissed him...roflmao. I think the gnome is relieved too because he has been worrying about me AND having to listen to me bitch and complain about taking the dumb pill..lmao.
So hopefully, after a few days, the meds will be out of my system and I can get feeling better and back on track...wooooooooooohoooooooo
And a BIGGGGGG welcome back to burfica and hammer...I missed both of your posts very much!!!!!
As always, to be continued..............


Burfica said...

yeah lets hope you aren't dizzy any more than usual, and no more puking. hehehehehe

Love ya girlie, it's good to be back.

Hammer said...

Check and see if you were put on actose. That can cause some really terrible adverse reactions swelling, edema and can actually mess up blood sugars.

Good luck with those meds!

Canadian flake said...

burfica - "yeah lets hope you aren't dizzy any more than usual" ....smacks fica upside the head for being a smart ass..lmao

hammer - meds were called ramipril, doc says they made me feel bad because the dosage was prolly too high, so it was working too hard to reduce the BP(that was already normal..duhhhhh go figure eh??) lmao

Biddie said...

I hope that you continue to feel better. My youngest daughter is diabetic, and I know how devastating this disease can be.
Good luck.

Brillig said...

Hey, thanks for stopping in at my blog! I love meeting new people. I too am new at this blogging thing--newer than you, even!

As for this post, I'm sorry you've been feeling so crappy. I hope that the good doc has fixed it now!!!