Monday, May 14, 2007

Why I am blessed

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day because I most definitely did. I was spoiled and pampered and I didn't even have to cook one single meal..lmao. It was one of those days that truly remind me how very blessed I am....

Sometimes, it is so easy to get lost in the craziness of life today...always worrying about material things and how we will all survive the latest crisis. And believe me, I do include myself in that group. Heaven knows, as a family, we do have our financial difficulties, and there have been times that if it hadn't been for my mom (who I love more than I could ever put into words)..we wouldn't have even had food on the table. But then a day like yesterday comes.....and I think, yeah ok ,I am pretty damn rich to have the 2 gremlins and the gnome in my life.

Yesterday, they took me to my favourite place in the whole world which always gives me joy,peace and contentment. Yes they gave me a nice gift, but more important to me what the card they gave me. It said such nice words, and reminded me that they do love me, DESPITE all my flaws and faults (and believe me that IS a long list).

I guess that is why I am feeling so blessed today. Because no matter how many mistakes I have made, and no matter how badly I have treated them at times, they love me endlessly and unconditionally NO MATTER WHAT...and I surely feel the same about them.

The gnome and I were just talking about this not too long ago, because there was a story on the news about a woman who had lost her child in a house fire. She had escaped, but the child had not made it out. I mentioned how sad it was...but also said that as badly as I felt for that mom, I would never be in that situation because even if I knew it would bring certain death, I would run back into that fire to get my gremlins...I would rather die with them, than live without them. This is in NO way a judgement, just how I feel about my dear gremlins. Besides, if they are gonna meet their maker it IS gonna be cause I sent them there...lmaooooooooooo (just kidding all..)

Have a great Monday all and again hope all the Mom's out there had a great Mom's day.

As always, to be continued................


Burfica said...

I'm so glad you had a great day. Mine was nice. Not as depressing as I thought. I know what you mean, I would die to save the Kiddo too.

I've told Gigantor a million times if it came down to me or Kiddo he better dam well save Kiddo.

Some of us mom's are just fierce with our love, that way.

Canadian flake said...

fica- yup that is so true. Never mess with a mama bear...especially a Canadian one that has just come out of her winter hibernation..lmao.

Laurie said...

I totally agree though with 3 it would be tough I suppose. I dunno, don't really want to think about it. :)

Glad you had a wonderful day. Sounds like you have one special family there.

Hammer said...

Yeah in a dangerous situation my kids come out first. Glad you had a good mothers day :)

Miranda said...

Isn't it amazing. I dont think until you become a mother, that you would literally, without out a second thought, give up your life for anyone. Then they come along.

Im glad You had a great day!

Phoenix5 said...

So glad you had a great day! I hope my wife thinks the same thing, despite the fact she had to work the evening shift! I did try to get her to take the day off as it was her birthday as well, but she didn't want to "waste a day off on her birthday!" sheesh!

Oh yeah, just so you know, "papa bears" can be just as fiercly protective too! ;-)

Have a great week, Flake!