Friday, May 11, 2007

My Gnome the pack rat

As I read phoenix's blog this morning (which I always enjoy doing btw)...I was laughing my ass off because he was talking about being a pack rat...and I started to wonder if it was a Canadian "thing" ...along with riding our polar bears to work when the snow gets more than 6 feet high...lmao.

I say this because unlike me, my dear Gnome is SUCH a pack rat and sometimes it drives me insane. I want to say "in what universe could you EVER need to keep that shit"...and anyone who knows anything about my dear Gnome knows that it is all sports memorabilia that he wants to keep, which of course has more than once almost driven me over the edge of what little sanity the gremlins have allowed me to keep..lmao.

In the past, I used to bust his chops about it until I found out that it wasn't totally his fault because it is, infact genetic...the following story explains why I say this....

About a year and a half ago, my gnome-in-law retired from his job, which was a position in the Canadian Government (don't run away screaming all, he wasn't a politician) Anyway, it seems to be a rule, that when you retire from a job like this, you can't do it with any less than 12 parties hosted by assorted friends and businesses. As members of his family, we were invited to the biggest of these that was hosted by the people that worked in his office with him. It was a very nice event and a good time was had by all. As part of the evening, the organizers asked my Gnome and his brother to say a few words about their dad. They both did a nice job and made the room laugh quite a bit with their funny stories but the one that pertains to this post is a story retold by the gnome's brother.

It seems that when he was younger, being a cocky teenager (and male to boot), he decided to go against his father's wishes one night and drive his friends home...even though it was winter and the weather was not at all good. Well , as he was driving the weather worsened and he ended up putting his car in a ditch so of course, he had to call dad to come rescue him, after DAD had told him not to go in the 1st place. The next day, they had to call a tow truck to get the car towed out of the ditch...and safe to say DAD was not overly thrilled.

Now of course, the boys tell this story better...but the part that makes me still laugh is that while gnome's brother was telling it, he pulls out the towing bill from this very story. It seems that when he told his mom what story he wanted to convey, she managed to find the bill for him even though it was more than a decade old...lmao.

For some reason, ever since then I have tried to give my dear Gnome a break when he is being a "rat"...after all, it seems like he learned from the best....lmaoooooo.

As always, to be continued....


Hammer said...

You never know when a 10 year old towing receipt will come in handy :)

Alekx said...

hey dad might need a refund on that tow bill in the next decade

Phoenix5 said...

LMAO Flake! I am SOOO glad I'm not the only one out there! I'm also glad you enjoy reading my blog! I enjoy reading yours too.


Biddie said...

LOL!!I have the same problem, except that I can find bills/reciepts. Everything else...I have it.

Canadian flake said...

hammer - that is what mom-in-law said

alekx - I am sure gnome's brother has long since paid dad back..and chipped away at his sanity

phoenix - we Canadians have to stick together ehhhhhhhhhh..

biddie - I know he can't help himself but omg it drives me insane at times..lmao.

Burfica said...

I'm a pack rat with like knick knacks and little giftie things given to me, even if I will never use them.

My mother was a pack rat with like posts, fencing, wood, wire, all that crap.

My husband collects every fricken thing there is, so the place always looks messy, but then again his mother has every card she has ever been given, and every report card from every grade of all 9 kids. OMG drives me nuts. She also collects newspapers, she doesn't get around to reading them and will collect them for up to 20 years. Saying she is going to start reading them. Ummmm, think not.

Canadian flake said...

fica- the newspaper thing is something the gnome used to do too...I finally had a fit about that and he chilled out a bit..lmao