Monday, May 28, 2007


OK, first off let me say happy Memorial Day to all you Americans out there. Are ya all busy stuffing your face with burgers and hotdogs? What do y'all do to celebrate this holiday?? Have "memory contests"?? This holiday always reminds me of this game that I have played at baby/wedding showers where you are shown a tray of different items for 30 seconds then you have to list what you remember seeing. I always sucked at that game...guess it is good I am Canadian ehhhhhhh??? lmao.

Anyway, as I know I have mentioned in a previous post, my health has been acting up lately. The doctor has been switching my meds around trying to get my diabetes under control and these new meds have really knocked me on my ass. I can not remember the last time I have felt so drained and tired and uninterested in doing anything, other than staying in bed all day resting. It almost reminds me of an earlier time in my life when I was suffering from depression.

Anyway, as any of you Mom's out there might know, as soon as the Mom gets sick what the HELL happens but everything goes to hell-and-a-hand-basket. God forbid anyone other than me should get up off their ass and actually vacuum, or even wash the damn dishes. I have accepted this for the most part as my "lot in life", but I am ranting about it now because of the events of this morning.

My blood sugars are raging this morning, and my head is pounding so I decided to get the kids off to school and try to get some more rest. As I just get comfortable, I hear a knock at my door and my first thought is "who the hell is that and WHAT do they want". I gave serious thought to just ignoring the knock, but against my better judgement, I hauled my ass up and answered the door. To my shock and surprise, who stands at my door but my mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Now at this point, I will mention that I ABSOLUTELY 100 PERCENT LOVE LOVE LOVE these people. They live about 6 hours away so we haven't seen them since Christmas, so I am always happy to see them but this morning all I could think is omfgggggggg my house is filthy, and the kitchen is FULL of dirty dishes, and the bed is laying in the middle of the floor...holy fuckkkkkkkk why couldn't they have called first...lmao.

They didn't stay long, as I must admit that I am always sad to see them go, but still I feel like a loser when they come here and see our house in such a shambles. I always feel like I have let my gnome down in some way when something like this happens. Anyway, now I am too worked up to sleep and my head is pounding even more than it was before, so I am gonna get away from this computer.

Again, have a great Memorial Day. I look forward to reading all of the stories how you spent your holiday.

As always, to be continued...............


Burfica said...

OMG I hate it when inlaws show up un announced!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh

My family and friends know I'm messy at times, and don't care, or they pitch in and help. My mother in law does now too, but to have other in laws or strangers show up, is when I'm most embarrassed.

No....we don't play memory games. Memorial day is about remembering those in the military. Those living, but especially those lost, and remembering how much we owe them. Since I come from a huge military family, it's a holiday of honor and of deep reflection. We do try to bbq on it though. hehehehe We are grilling steaks tonight and fresh corn on the cob.

The one thing I do hate about Memorial day though. Is every fucking idiot decides to go out on our lake this weekend, and drink to the point of killing themselves or other people with their boats or cars. You will notice all the decent people stay in and away from the lake on this weekend. lol

Have fun with the kiddies still in school

Phoenix5 said...

I remember when my sister-in-law and her husband showed up at our house one day unannounced. My wife and I had just gotten into some serious... you know... and decided not to answer the door. They stood and rang our doorbell for quite a long time since our car was in the driveway! When they called later to ask where we were, I told them we had gone for a walk! ;-) I think we've finally trained most of our extended family to call first, but every once in a while they forget! LOL!

I'm so sorry your meds are dragging you down so much, Flake! Have you talked to your doctor about these adverse effects? Maybe you are "intolerant" of the new drugs like I was intolerant of Prozac. Of course, the "alternative" is almost guaranteed to make you feel better... send me your e-mail addy and I'll send you some info! ;-) ;-)

Hope you feel better soon!

Alekx said...

Quit stressing about it. It's your house and if they have an issue hand em a dust rag and a vacum cleaner.
nuff said. ;-)