Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Wowzers what a week and a half it has been. It has been a long time since I have been so knocked down by something that I actually didn't get on to play on badge day (for all you pogo players you know what I mean...lmao). Well I am actually starting to feel like my body is starting to come around and HOPEFULLY I see the light at the end of this longgggggg tunnel (for now anyway).

I have missed you all and I am looking forward to spending some quality time getting caught up on the events of your "blog life" that I have missed.

I have spent a lot of time laying in bed watching TV the last 2 weeks (between trips to the bathroom of course..lmao). We watched the series finale of 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls...the season finale of 24 and CSI Miami...even watched the end of the Bachelor, although I didn't watch most of the season because I think that guy was a real goofball..lmao.

I only mention this because last night I watched the season finale of Dancing With The Stars and I am still saying...omgggggggg America you soooooooo dropped the ball on that one...for anyone who missed it, this year's winner was Apollo and that was sooooo wrong. Yes, he was a pretty good dancer but Joey was sooooooo much better and it was the fan votes that put him over. I can just see a bunch of young girls dialing away like crazy voting for that goofy smile of his, instead of thinking who was actually the best DANCER...lmao.

Of course, we Canadians are allowed to watch the show but are not allowed to vote for our favourite...maybe because the producers know that we can see past those pretty teeth and choose the dancer that can actually entertain? lmao.

Well I guess that is democracy for ya so I can't bitch too much.....I love ya Joey and you will always be a winner to me...that's my story and I'm sticking too it...lmaoooooooo

love to you all and glad to be back.

as always, to be continued......


Phoenix5 said...

Any show that relies on the American public to vote will get a screwy result! LMAO! We "Crazy Canucks" can say that with impunity! I thought Joey should have won too. (Yes, I admit it! I actually watched most of this season!) I personally think that Apolo won for two reasons. 1) He's an AMERICAN Olympic champ who actually has a personality, and 2) he had the cutest dance partner! LMAO! I must say that I was very impressed with the way Joey handled not winning! Very professional!

Glad to see you're back with us, Flake! Thanks for your well-wishes and know that I am sending mine your way as well. Get well soon!

Miranda said... um I take it you dont watch Desperate housewives? If so...what did you think? I was like OMG that was sooo good!

Canadian flake said...

phoenix - I COMPLETELY agree with your assessment of why Apollo We Canadians have it figured out ehhhhh???

miranda- I don't watch Desperate Housewives but saw some clips for the season finale. Now you REALLY have me curious as to what happened??? LOL.

Burfica said...

ummmm I sorta had a comment thought out, but with all you canadians here in the comment section, I feel like I just walked into a party I wasn't invited to, and that my dress is tucked into my panty hose. hehehehehe

Phoenix5 said...

LMAO Burf!