Monday, April 23, 2007

What was she thinking

Ok you won't hear me say this often, but the other day I read something that almost made me ashamed to admit I am Canadian. Now at this point I should mention that both of my dear gremlins have a learning disability so I have witnessed first hand how truly stupid our school system in Canada can be. Anyone who wants to debate that point, I am more than armed with ammo for that discussion.

I have dealt with some truly idiotic teachers mixed in with a few gems that we have been blessed to know... that being said, I am truly grateful that I do NOT live in BC this week because I honestly don't think I would be able to control my temper with a teacher out there.

For whatever reason this moronic teacher decided to have her grade 6/7 students do a drama project last week and I am still shaking my heads at the results. Again, at this point I should stick in that MY gremlin is in grade 7 and if this had happened to him, they would still be cleaning up that teacher's body parts (but I rant on...sorry..LOL).

Anyway, this stupid teacher decided that it would be good for these kids to act out the shooting at Virginia Tech..and went as far as to make one of her kids to act as the shooter... I mean omgggggggg what the hell was she thinking?

Some of the kids have been traumatized by this (and understandably so in my mind). This teacher has issued an apology but if it had happened to a school anywhere near me I would be leading the fight to have her fired!!!

Like many parents I have seen what a good teacher can do,and unfortunately could regale you with stories of the damage a bad teacher can do, especially to a kid with a learning disability. But I shudder to think of the damage this teacher might have caused with her thoughtless and wreckless act. Maybe someone should send her down to Virginia and make her apologize for doing something so careless??

Still thinking about the victims and praying for their families to have strength ...

to be continued.......


Hammer said...

What the hell?

Has she been fired yet?

Burfica said...

I'm thinking she should be fired, and made to look at the crime scene photo's then try to explain her actions to the parents of those lost, then to the parents of her students.

What a fucking psycho!!!

Ryan said...

Wow.... that's pretty far out there. I'm sure she thought there would some indepth knowledge gained from this little stunt.

I'll bet all she's learned is it's probably good to have a back up job in case you get fired.

Canadian flake said...

to you all... YES I agree this dumbass should be fired and last I heard she wasn't...I would like to chop her up and feed her to the fishes (insert accent from the sopranoes here)..lmao

Phoenix5 said...

While I agree with you that this teacher should be fired, I would urge using caution in your blogs. I read recently that employers (and government snitches, especially in Canada and the US) are accessing blogs using software that flags certain words and phrases. Then they go after the person who wrote them, even if said phrases were used in the innocent venting of emotion and not really meant. Just a thought!