Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reflections Of The Last 2 Days

How many times in the last 2 days have I heard someone say,"How can this be happening again?" And how many times have I said the same thing to myself.....

It is hard to believe that again the U.S. has to again try to find answers for an unspeakable act that caused so much bloodshed....When I was young, it was the joke that we Canadians were just another state belonging to the good ol US and these are the times that I really feel it is true...because I am here praying so very hard for the poor lost souls that have been called home and weeping along with my neighbours to the south.

I think the thing that struck me most today, as I watched the news talking about the events of yesterday...was that every survivor I saw interviewed, commented that it could have been them..they could have just as easily been one of the unfortunate ones that weren't luckily enough to make it out of that building alive. It is times like these that always remind me why I NEVER EVER let my loved ones leave me without telling them that I love them....sometimes I get so mad with the gremlins or the gnome that I seriously consider flushing them down the tiolet but since they were little (the gremlins) I have always told them...."even when I am mad at you I ALWAYS love you...and that will never change!!!"

I am reminded of a local story that happened a few weeks back... a 9 yr old girl was killed when the truck driven by her father was in a bad accident. This girl was their only child and of course both parents are devestated at her loss. A short time later her mother was interviewed by the local paper because she felt she needed to get the message out. Her message was this..and I quote "hug your kids one more time today...If I can get other parents to just hug their kids one more time..never leave your kids in an argument...I want parents to eat up everyday." As a mom, these words to me ring so true. There have been times I have been so angry at my dear gremlins that I have wanted to strangle them with my bare hands...but even in these times I always tell them I love them...and I never let those words go unspoken. I KNOW that they know I love them, but what would happen if I didn't tell them....they went off to school thinking it was a normal day...and some whacko decided it was their day to die? How would I live and find a way to go on knowing I could have told them one more time how very much I love them...and I chose not to...

They are only 3 words...but really are there any words in this life that are more powerful? or more special?

I continue to pray for the lost souls of Virginia Tech and I urge anyone who reads this to please due the same thing...

as always, to be continued (sorry this one was so long)))


Burfica said...

That is so very true, We never leave each other without saying I love you, and we never go to bed in an argument. Always have to make up and do the hugs, kisses and love you things.

I remember one time, my husband always came in and said love you and kissed me before he left for work. And I asked him if he did the same to kiddo, and he said no I don't want to wake him up.

I said, how would you feel if you didn't do that and he never woke up, or something happened to him or you.

He looked at me real sober and now he kisses both of us and says love you before he leaves.

Now he does this while we are asleep, cuz he leaves so early, but does it none the less, and you know what, you seem to wake up in a better mood, with the nice kisses and love you's...

Zippiestfriend said...

Hi Hun,
I put off reading your blog for a few days. Burpy told me to go read it Tuesday and I know you pogo mailed it yesterday.

It is times like these I am reminded of the vast differences between Canadian and Americans.

I think in some respects I am getting more Americanized...but times like these I think I still react with the Canadian side of my brain.

It truly is a sad thing when people for whatever reason take out their unhappiness on the world. Some times I pray and I pray, and then I think why am I praying? It is not my choice for what happens to people...Whatever that choice is, God had made it already...I guess I'm conflicted I'm sure evidenced by my Blog.

I love you my darrrlin, even though we dont' talk every day, just know I do.


Hammer said...

I worry a lot and always hug my kids extra. I don't ever want to regret.

Alekx said...

I hate to put my 2 cents in on something like this, but it ain't differances between Canada and America or between anyone. It's a flipping man who went off his rocker. Doesn't matter where he lived or what his nationality was. (by the way he wasn't even American, he had a legal resident alien card) he was just a damn nutbar. We do our best in the law enforcement field to find these people before they strike and in many many cases find and stop them or this murder spee would look small. We also try to minimize the damage when a nut case gets by the radar.
Okay enough of my rant I'll do that on my own blog.
The house elf and I never go a morning, evening or a phone call without the other knowing they are loved. Same with my family, burf, captain daddy, kiddo and gigantor.
It's the way things should be.

Canadian flake said...

Alekx, if you had actually READ what I said...this had NOTHING to do with nationality..and I only commented on the fact that as a Canadian I sympathized with the US in this terrible time of sorrow. The point I was TRYING to make is that no one ever knows what the future it is a mistake to NOT show love for others..and to be afraid to tell someone you love them, might be something you regret later .....and anyone that doesn't agree with that has every right...but will die sad and my mind anyway..