Monday, March 26, 2007


OK for those of you that are looking to giggle, ya might as well stop reading right now and go watch some old Three's Company reruns because today I just can't do it. I just can't even begin to bring to life the smartass in me (of course that is Fica's job anyway..LOL).

Maybe it is just me....but there are times I sit here and look out my window and just watch the world go by, wondering why everyone else always looks so normal while I sit here feeling like a dork. And today is definitely one of those times, as I have a serious case of the "firsts".

What are the firsts you wonder????

Well I might have mentioned before that my family relocated for the Gnome's work last summer...and since it hasn't been an entire year, I still get to have the "firsts" from time to time. I should mention that I didn't want to move here at all, that I left a mom behind that I love dearly, and moved to a small town with very few job opportunities and even fewer friendly people. It was the right decision for the Gnome but it has been really hard on myself and the gremlins trying to settle in and learn how to "belong" here. They are doing better at that, but they are young and you know how those pesky gremlins can adapt (as long as u don't feed them after midnight cause then they turn into dinosaurs remember?)

Anyway, back to the "firsts"... of course there was the first day of school for the gremlins....I think it was harder on me sending them both to separate schools where they didn't know a single soul, knowing I couldn't be there to protect them. Call it the momma bear in me, but that was a really longgggg and difficult day. Then of course, there was the 1st day of a new job which turned out to be the WORST job I have ever had. Still don't know how I got through that job without a stay in the nuthouse(let me tell you it WAS a close call). And of course, the first Christmas was difficult but a trip to the inlaws gave me something else to bitch about and I KNOW that is their job...lmaoooo.

Well today is another first birthday here. I am an old lady so I don't need a lot of pomp and bullshit. That I do understand. But today just reminds me how lonely I am here. It is a very small town, so there aren't social things to do here, not that I know anyone to socialize with anyway. But it surely makes me feel lonely when I don't even have someone to wish me a happy birthday. My mom did call this morning, and as always it makes me smile to hear her voice. And as always, it makes me cry to have to hang up with her. Most days I smack myself upside the head and remind myself that is could ALWAYS be worse. But today is just not one of those days..

Sorry to be a gloomy gus...why do I hear lil Orphan Annie singing in the back ground "the Sun'll come outttttttt tomorrowwwwww...."

to be continued...........


Burfica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU LIVE IN A ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
YOU LOOK LIKE A MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND YOU SMELL LIKE ONE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love ya baby. Happy birthday!!!!!

Dorko said...


May your day be everything you need it to be.