Sunday, March 4, 2007


OK I have to admit that this has been one weird weekend...maybe because I have spent weeks waiting for it to come and now that it has come and gone I don't know how I survived without smothering the Gnome in his sleep. I take heart I just chatted with my dear fica it doesn't sound like her Gigantor is making out any better. Maybe we should send the gnome and gigantor off to exile island (re: survivor for those of you that don't know what it is...LOL).

I think part of what has made the weekend seem so longggggg was the fact that Friday was a snow day so the gremlins were home and stuck inside for most of the last 3 days. Sometimes I miss the days when I could tell them to go outside and bury themselves in a big snow bank (secretly hoping that Frosty would come along and whisk them away to the North Pole for a visit with Santa). I find myself longing for those days then I remember how gosh darn special it was to have to help them into their snowsuits...cram their boots on...convince them that YES they have to wear hats and mitts... actually GET them mitts on...just to find out that the youngest gremlin has decided he has to pee. So of course I send gremlin #1 out to play while I get #2 undressed...send him off to pee..get him redressed...and by that point #1 has decided that it is too cold out so she wants to come back in and watch TV #2 is upset because he is too young to be out there all alone and #1 is being difficult and not co And I know any of you mothers out there are shaking your head because you know what I am talking about....LOL.

Well so starts another week tomorrow. Thank god the gremlins will be back to school and at this point I am ready to shove the gnome out the door and tell him to go sleep at work least things would be peaceful here...lmao. Awwwww to be on a beach somewhere looking up at the stars, listening to the rippling water and hiding away from the world.....omg at this point I would settle for the snow

to be continued....


Alekx said...

duct taping them to the back of a closet. You know where they are and they are out of trouble

Ryan said...

When my sister and I would play in the snow, it would take me almost 2 hours to completely bury her.

That's when I would go back inside.

Burfica said...

Yeah but you know if you were on a beach somewhere, that the lord almighty would just find it really funny to hit you with a shark ladden tidal wave. Oh wait, maybe that's must my luck. hehehehehe