Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OK today I wanna talk about something different...I want to invite y'all to enlighten me about American politics (as long as no one throws any chairs, feel free to be honest a Canadian, I can't be

I have always found the American election process intriguing...I can still see in my mind the day I watched the inauguration of Bush JR and SR, Clinton, hell even Reagan (yeah yeah okay I am old..lmao)

Anyway, I have read a few posts recently talking about McCain's running mate....whether or not she is making a mistake exposing her family to such scrutiny.

First, let me mention that we Canadians are also having an election...but when it was called, the length of the entire process is only about 5 weeks....a bit of a whirlwind maybe, but I can compare it to removing a bandaid....sometimes it is just better to rip it off quickly and not draw out the process too long...lmao.

I do not begin to understand or judge what Governor Palin was thinking when she decided that it was wise to make this career choice....although I think maybe a female vice president would do you yanks a world of good...roflmao ( sorry can never pass up a chance to jab at you

One blog I read recently talked about how relentless the press can be to get dirt on the children of elected officials...and I thought that was an interesting point. Remember the heyday that surrounded Chelsea Clinton...not to mention those Bush Twins. While I completely agree that this is wrong...that these poor girls are raked over the coals in a VERY unfair manner...I am also reminded that life is very rarely fair...

Again, I state that I do not in ANY way judge the Governor's decision...but as a mama, my instinct would be to hide and protect my baby if she was young and dealing with an unexpected pregnancy....not because I would be ashamed of her...but because the world can be, and is, often very cruel and harsh.

Soooooooo what do y'all think??? Please feel free to express yourself....I am honestly interested in your thoughts and an interested bystander...

Remember I have said before, I am convinced I was an American in a former life.. lmao

As always, to be continued......................


opit said...

You live in North America - so never mind being an American in a former life when you are doing it now - regardless of contrary spin.
They don't call Palin 'Caribou Barbie' out of love. Alaskans have decided to see if they can't recall their governor : that's as in boot out of office.
I usually follow mainstream US politics - except when you do that south of the 49th they call you a 'Leftie'. Now to me an anarchist, which I am not, would only be starting on that trail - but I blame that idea on taking some political science in civics in high school and from not receiving my edification from their prolific spin merchants.
Washington Post's Political Animal has long been a fun-fest of hot and heavy discussion of the topics of the day- as do TPM Cafe and Booman Tribune - which type of topic you can pull up on Memorandum and Tailrank.
Or you can concentrate on our beloved Soviet Canuckistan. Galloping Beaver is one lady I like.
Best I can say is come over and explore. I set up a website to track some things I find on my travels. Maybe you can let me know what you think would help make it less confusing.

opit said...

Oops. That should have been Washington Monthly.