Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I can honestly say I have no idea why...but all day I have had a rhyme running through my head that we used to say all the time as children:

Here I sit broken hearted
Paid a dime and only farted
Yesterday I took a chance
Saved my dime and shit my pants.

When I got thinking about this, it reminded me of those stupid bathrooms when I was growing up...they were in restaurants...sometimes even libraries...and you had to drop a dime in the door to get it to unlock..wonder what moron thought of that...lmao...must have been some tight wad Scrooge...don't even know what made me remember this...

Does this mean I am old?? LOL

We will return to our regularly schedule babbling

As always, to be continued.....


Phoenix5 said...

I remember that one too! LOL!