Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today is a good news/bad news kind of day. Yesterday was a really hard day and honestly, the dark side of the force was powerful....but it was also an important lesson for me.

The weekend was really nutso...in the craziness, I forgot on both Saturday and Sunday to take the 2nd dose of the PPE (purple people eater..what we have been calling the new meds..lol). By yesterday morning, I was really in a bad place. That was the bad news....the good news was that at least it showed us that the meds must be doing some good...because as soon as they were gone, I spiralled down quickly. I told the gnome he HAS to help me remember...because I obviously need them.

I had something happen this morning that has also lifted my spirits. I have mentioned many times that my gremlins both have a learning disability. Gremlin #2's is very severe and I have really been worried because in a few weeks he graduates public school. In the fall, he will be thrown into high school with little support and a lot of bad influences ready to gobble him up. This is the same high school where #1 was offered drugs her 2nd week there...she said no, but #2 doesn't have good judgement at the best of times...if there is trouble to be found, he is often in the middle of it ...anywayyyyy I have been worrying about him.

Last night I was helping him with his homework and we were answering questions about a story we read. The question asked "whether or not it would be better if everyone was cut from the same thread"...right away my instinct was to answer no...but I read the question and asked what he thought.

#2 's answer : It would be good if we were all woven from the same thread because then we would all be equal, both physically and mentally. If everyone was equal there would be no wars, no racism or no poor people.

I had to email his teacher this morning and told her how much this answer impressed me. Her response was the following:

Wow - what a breakthrough! I had tears in my eyes while I read his response - that is fantastic! I am so proud of his logic! If only our peacekeepers in the world could see his viewpoint!

I know to most people this wouldn't seem like much, but to a momma of gremlins that has had to fight and claw every step of the way, this has given me hope that maybe there IS a light at the end of a long tunnel...

As always, to be continued............


aims said...

CF - get yourself a dosette. That way you can see if you have taken your pill or not. Leave it on the kitchen counter or someplace where it stares you in the face.

Canadian flake said...

aims- I already have one but the meds specifically state that they have to remain in the original bottle to keep their effectiveness...pharmacist warned to keep them in their bottle too...but we have got another system which I hope will help. Thanks for the suggestion...and for caring.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Great answer from your gremlins. I'm proud of them! Keep up the good work, and let me know if I can help!


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

What a great mom you are for taking the time and initiative for sharing this with the teacher. Some parents would selfishly keep the moment all to themselves - and what a great teacher she was for e-mailing you back with such a positive response.

And your Gremlin? Wise beyond his years. Who knows what other great ideas are brewing in there, looking for a venue to find their way out?