Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have seen this on biddie's blog and phoenix did it too. I thought I would give it a try.

It is a meme where you list 25 things you NEED and 5 things you WANT. Not sure I will get all 25, but here it goes:

1) I need my gnome...my life would not be complete without him.
2) I need my gremlins...they drive me to madness, but they complete my heart in ways no one else ever could!!
3) I need my Mom...she is FAR from perfect but I still love her and will not allow myself to think about the day when the Lord calls her home.
4) I need to "survive today and worry about tomorrow when it comes"...this is a montra of sorts that was taught to me a long time ago, and no truer words were ever spoken.
5) I need a job that doesn't make me feel like I am the biggest loser ever born...I have never had one though..
6) I need to remember that faith is more important than fact sometimes (actually more than you might think)
7) I need to feel happy and not be so alone all the time
8) I need to keep fighting and reminding myself to take my meds....sometimes it is easier to forget.
9) I need to let stuff roll off my back more.
10) I need to yell less at the gremlins and be more patient
11) I need to find inner peace and believe in myself more.
12) I need to get out and walk more
13) I need to believe that the gremlins will overcome all their obstacles.
14) I need for my ex FH to die a slow and painful death (a shame it couldn't be at my hands...lmaooooooo)
15) I need to continue to show those that are a part of my life how very much I love them.
16) I need my online pogo and blogger friends...y'all are the greatest
17) I need to be more supportive of the gnome's bowling...even though it makes my life more difficult, he loves it.
18) I need to feel like I have accomplished something with my life when it is all said and done.
20) I need to continue to forgive those that have hurt me so deeply in my life as I was growing up
21) I need to continue to remind my gremlins that they can trust me and talk to me about anything, even when they have screwed up and are afraid.
22) I need to inspire my gremlins to be better parents to their kids than I have been...
23) I need to know that gremlin #1 will do better than I did and NOT marry the biggest fuckhead loser to ever walk the planet .
24) I need to know that my gremlins are always safe.

and last but not least..........

25) I need my cat Bootsie...even though she is too old and lazy to kill the mice, I still love her lots...

Now for the things I want:

1) I want to live in a home where I actually have a bedroom (did I ever mention we live in a 2 bedroom house for 4 people?)
2) I want to be financially secure...so we can actually pay ALL our bills on time.
3) I want to be happy...and stress -free
4) I want a vehicle that doesn't break down every other day.
5) I want my gremlins to know only happiness and love!!!

Well there ya have it, not sure if it is dumb or not...but it is surely honest....

As always, to be continued............


Burfica said...

very honest and a wonderful list. not dumb at all!!!!!

janet said...

that's a very very good list. truly!

Biddie said...

Not dumb, just honest.
I think that your list was great :) Thanks for sharing.

Phoenix5 said...

Great list, Flake! Kudos for doing it!

whatevergirl said...

I liked your list...very open and heartfelt!