Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Here I sit, watching it snow yet again!!

I have read a few posts recently where people are talking about the weather (or complaining about it...). I have tried to refrain from these types of posts because ya know "us Canadians are built for winter" (hmmm maybe we were rednecks in our past lives??)

Recently, one post said "to shut up and suck it up" if we were getting snow in Canada....I don't read that blog anymore...I left with a big "fuck you" cause I can whine if I want...lmaoooooo.

Anyway, I was talking with Burfica when the snow started again, so I went out to take some pics so y'all can see how purdyyyyy it . Actually I wanted you to see how MUCH there is..lmao... ENJOY!!!!

This is the view when ya step out my front door...nice big snowbanks :

This is supposed to be our driveway...I am sure it is under there :

This is our front yard...or it used to :

these are across the street...the snow piles keep growing...:

A view of the side yard. It is hard to see in this pic, but there are drifts here that are up to my waist. I got stuck on the weekend, trying to get to the bird feeder...lmao:

This is the side yard again taken from my window...soooo much snow there...

If anyone wants a white christmas, let me know. We have more coming over the next few days. I can box some up and fed-ex it out..lmao.

As always, to be continued (even if I get buried


Burfica said...

Wow that is alot of snow. I don't think I've ever seen quite that much.

You can ship some to Arizona, you would need a lot of trucks. heheheheh

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that's a lot of snow.

I'd move.

Susan said...

What a beautiful sight! I LOVE the snow, I never get tired of it. But then I only have a five minute drive to work! It just makes me feel so peaceful!
The funny commercials were hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that!
Thanks for your comment for Kayla, I will be sure to pass it on to her.

jAMiE said...

I too love the snow..i think it looks beautiful and wintery and totally Canadian!

Marni said...

We never get anything like that down here. Thank heavens cause if we did this city would shut down until March! It already closes down for flurries!! HA!!!

janet said...

i am in love with snow (because we don't get any. ever.) but i think i'm a little freaked out by the sight of all that white stuff!

whatevergirl said...

Holy crap! I don't want a White Christmas. I don't like snow here. It is just an inch or two of dirty slush. Not real pretty like you get. I do love the sound of it coming down a soft whisper..But, I will take a hot Christmas anyday...I could easily spend my Christmas snorkeling in the Caymans. It wouldn't bother me a bit : )

Phoenix5 said...

I'm with whatevergirl! Even though I'm originally from Winnipeg, I can't stand snow! Maybe it has something to do with that horrible Bing Crosby song, "Dreaming of a White Christmas"... after hearing it for two months, everyday while working retail, I just became subliminally taught to hate everything about snow... or maybe it was having to drive 50 km to work in horrible weather for a couple of winters... but I really could do without snow at all! Now, white sandy beaches... that I COULD do with right about now!