Thursday, November 22, 2007


I hope all my blogger buddies to the south are having a wonderful and fun filled holiday today. I have often said that I love American thanksgiving better than the one we have up here...and I am convinced I was a pilgrim in a former

In keeping with the today's holiday, the following are things that I am thankful for:

- my gremlins....who love me unconditionally no matter how loud I scream or how bad I fuck up. Most days I want to strangle the both of them....but I would walk through fire for them and would give my life in a heartbeat to save them....they are, and will always be, my babies.

- my gnome - I know I have not made his life easy.... in fact I know at times I have made it a living hell....but no matter what, he has stayed with us and made it all worth while....for that, I am more in love with him every day and more grateful than he will ever know.

- my Mom - she has not always been a great Mom...actually she was a terrible mother when I was growing up and it took me a long time to forgive her for not only hurting me...but failing to protect me . However, I love her more than words can express and the thought of losing her someday is more than I can allow myself to even think about.

- my cat - my dear girl is almost 18 yrs old and she came to me when, as a very young kitten, someone beat on her then left her in a snow bank to die. I can't imagine what kind of monster could do that to something so little and helpless, but their loss was definitely my gain... her unconditional love is something that can never be replaced.

and last but DEFINITELY not least:

-my blogger friends - I started this blog at the urging of burfica in February and honestly didn't think I would like it. In the last 9 months, I have grown to care about you all . I love to read about your lives , your thoughts, or when you share funny stories . I can't count the times that I have been feeling low or upset....I start reading blogs and before long I am sitting here laughing out loud while the gnome looks at me like I have lost This blog has given me a place to laugh....cry...vent and share my inner most thoughts without fear of being judged or ridiculed. For that I am TOTALLY grateful and I love you all...

Have a great holiday America...can someone pleaseeeee send me some leftovers??? LOL.

As always, to be continued...............


Biddie said...

That's a great list. I have to say, I am soo thankful for my blog buddies, too. Big time. I get more support here than anywhere else.
BTW, what kind of a person beats an animal and leaves it die????

Maureen said...

Ah, I think we can all be thankful every day... that things may not be perfect, but they could be much worse. Even though it's not our holiday, I hope you have a great weekend...from one of your blogging buddies!

Burfica said...

the yams might get squishy in the envelope, but i'll send them if you want.

I love ya hun!!!

Zibi said...

Burfica has plenty of leftovers ... Enjoy

Palm Springs Savant said...

thanks Flake...I enjoy your blog lots!

MomThatsNuts said...

Ahhh we love you too!! Glad you came on board !!


Phoenix5 said...

Hey Flake! It's me, the perpetually late responder! LOL! I have to be thankful for my blog buddies too. You and Burf are always there when I need a little encouragement, and it is always a joy to share my little victories with you as well! I'm very glad you met me through Burf's blog and have enjoyed our friendship. All the best to you and yours!

HoosierGirl5 said...

I'm thankful for you, too.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!