Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Just a quick note to say hi as I sit here and melt. It has been soooooo hot here today I haven't had the energy to even think about blogging (or doing anything else for that matter....lol). My poor ol cat has laid around today, looking at me like I threw her in the oven and forgot to leave the door open..lol. I have felt so bad for her today and at one point , I seriously considered giving her a bath. My only concern was that I might also give her a heart attack while doing so....lol.

I have to say y'all should be very proud of me today. Because of my job, and the need for quiet while I am working, we have been forced to buy a lawn mower so we can start to cut our own lawn. We rent our house and to this point, the grounds keeper has been doing it but he refuses to stick to a schedule and shows up whenever the mood strikes him. At first we didn't mind this. But now he shows up when I am trying to work, making a lot of racket and this causes problems with my job.......sorry I am babbling again *smacks myself upside the head*

Anyway, we went out Sunday and bought ourselves a new lawn mower. We thought about buying a used one but we were worried we might get one that wouldn't last long so we invested in a black & decker. Wouldn't ya know it...it was "some assembly required". Now I love my gnome with all my heart, but he is surely useless when it comes to things like this. Today I was determined to get that sucker put together if it killed me so away I went. For the most part, I have to admit it was pretty easy. The only problem I encountered was not having the proper wrench to tighten the wheels. That problem has since been remedied. I can't wait to get out there tomorrow and mow the lawn..lmao. If I can just accomplish that without running over my foot, I will be pretty happy...lmao. I will be sure to let y'all know.

As always, to be continued....................


captain corky said...

Yes, please do not run over your foot. ;) And if you want hot sister try living in Kentucky for five minutes.

Phoenix5 said...

It was hot alright Flake! I was working in my garage in the morning, and had to move my stuff into the house around noon! I love my air conditioner! LOL! Today was much nicer though!

I am VERY proud of you Flake! In my house, I am the mechanical one, and my wife is totally hopeless when it comes to machinery! I admire a woman who can assemble a lawnmower, especially one who can do it without proper tools! LOL! Is your lawn mower electric or gas powered?

Have fun cutting your grass! That's one chore I could do without! LOL!

Canadian flake said...

corky - I think I could hold my own in Kentucky with the heat...but from what I have heard of the rough livin down that way it might scare me off..lmaooooo.

phoenix - the lawn mower is electric (simply because it was cheaper). I enjoyed cutting the grass today but I think the novelty will wear off real soon...lmao

Dorko said...

It's been intermitant rain/shine here with suffocating levels of humidity - all perfect grass growing conditions!
I rent (from relatives no less) however the mowing is all up to me.
I will say one good thing about it - I always get a great boost of satisfaction when the job is done and I step back to survey the newly mowed terrain...

Burfica said...

We don't have a lawn, we have dirt and weeds. hehehehe

Hope when we get on the other lot we can coax the lawn back.

My husband is great at that assembling stuff. He does it without looking at the picture, pisses me off. lmao

I hold my own, but he does most of it.